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bottom burps and riding.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by slowmark, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. is there are a protocol for farting on the bike?
    am i meant to lift one cheek?
    or two?
    if i was doin a wheelie and i did a fart could i upset the bikes balance?
    and has anyone here ever ridden behind another rider and then thought,
    farrrrrr out that stinks? i think they just did one.
    and if i was rollling in front of a hwp car and squeezed one out would they be able to revel in it's aftertaste like when you're following someone smoking and you can smell it?
    i'm bored and have many deep and flatulent questions. :)

  2. I stand up to free up the airflow. People look at you funny but then I'm used to that...
  3. If I need to fart I'll just stand up...two things you get out of this. You get to stretch your legs and not look like you're doing something shifty, and you get to let pressure out of your system. Just don't follow through, then you'll be in deep shits.

    phong =P~
  4. I lift to one side. The only problem is that you never get even a little whiff. LOL
  5. I made this topic a few weeks ago, it got deleted in less then an hour.

    (I lift off the seat just enough so you dont have to push harder, less effort the less chance of follow through :) )
  6. Look down at your left foot, push your ass out to the right, and ...pppppppffffffft... DONE.
  7. I tried to do that one time, but I think I followed through, still trying to get the smell out of my leathers. :oops:
  8. Usually left foot on the peg, right foot on the tank, and leaned over the front handlebars.
  9. I just lift one cheek and let rip
  10. I take great pleasure knowing my fart will soon waft into the car behind me, soon fiilling the car with noxious gases.
  11. Wow, this is an awesome thread. Never seen a rider do any of the above. But id laugh my arse off if someone followed thru.

    Never really thought about this subject. This is gold!!

  12. Beware the 1 you let go that infiltrates steathilly through your riding gear, somehow avoiding all venting systems only to slowyly arrive into your helmet via the collar of your riding jacket
  13. here's a question for you all; what if you have a pillion (you intend to shag) on the back...??? :?:
  14. Call me when you people can ride and take a dump off the back of the bike.

    It also gets tailgater's off your back.

  15. that mental image just about had me following through in my chair.

    classic :LOL:
  16. this is hillarious!!

    I was actually following my partner last night on the bike and wondered if he had let one rip
    when we got home I asked and yup exactly where I smelt it
    bloody hell I rode through his fart cloud!!
  17. I've saved a few good ones for sets of lights before, sit on the side of the lane next to the car. lifted my bum up a lil in the air and then I let the good times roll, the old folks in their tragic saab convertable were shocked. Having a mirrored visor helps in this situation.
  18. There is nothing funnier than farting with a pillion on the back, no where to run, no where to hide!!
  19. I have people to handle this sort of thing for me.
  20. I think that we need someone to handle this thread.