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Both knees down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Siwagod, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. So last night I ended up getting both knees down. Had camera facing me and all you can hear is screaming after the left goes down for the first time.


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    If your not living life on the edge...

    Did you put your knee out to soon - i.e. you were way to high/vertical?

    More importantly, how are you going to clean those white leathers now?

    Mind you I've just realised that those few corners I'm cautious about on my daily commute maybe aren't covered in grease but it's just I'm to gutless to lean over more. "Commit or crash".
  3. I didnt zip up my left leg so first time it went to the slider pulled around and hit the leather.
  4. Owch. Bet you won't forget that zip again.

    Ever forgot to do up your helmet strap? I did - skydiving. Terminal velocity in free fall is around 100 mph. My penalty: 1 minute in the pain locker. I thought my left ear had been shredded off my skull by the free strap but no, it was just red. I need to HTFU.
  5. Haha yeah even under that padding my knee was sore where it hit the leather for the rest of the night. Zipped it up and did another couple passes.
  6. Congrats! What was the feeling like?
    How much pressure was required to wear them down to that level?
  7. where was that? on the road? I can get my knee down on the track but haven't managed on the road, don't want to push to that level
  8. Now try it whilst riding your bike.
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  9. Both knees down? Easy on a BMW Battlestar Galactica...

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  10. Bullshit! The slider wear marks are in the wrong direction. Nice try though
  11. From the thread title, I thought he was on a pocket bike using both knees as training wheels...

    (says the old codger with 3/4 inch chicken strips)
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  12. Not much, left was bout 2-3 seconds. Right was only a second down.

    Old Pacific Highway. Is only bout 30 minutes from my place so I go up there 3-4 times a week.


    Can hear it hit at 24-25. That was very first pass, as can guess from the excitement. Ended up going back and making another few passes to get used to the feeling.
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  13. Shitest vid quality ever :) But the YEEEAAAHHH!!! sdgfsg F$$%&*!!! was hilarious!

    You really meant pitched black night when you said last night!!!

    Thanks for sharing
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  14. lol yeah no light for the camera to pick up really.
  15. I thought this was going to be a crash. Well done (I think)
  16. Awesome mate! Well done! (y)

    .. so that means you can do a uturn then! :whistle:

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  17. Knee down u-turns coming up.
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    Unless you know the section of road surface you are on, and know the corner(s) that you are in very well, and perhaps happen to be tall or long legged, you would'nt want to push it that far.
    I have my choice of areas where I know I have enough grip to pull the lean angles, and a reasonably smooth section of road, so I can actually put my knees to good work in helping me with my cornering.

    Without these boxes ticked, even if you do manage to get a knee down, it's a waist of energy, because more than likely you are doing it for the wrong reasons, and probably only making your cornering harder for yourself. Ie: hanging off too far, and as a result, not being able to control the bike properly.
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  19. when i get the elbow down i'll be satisfied that i can ride okay
    anything else but a casual elbow is just trying too hard


    if you're good you can throw in a powerslide too;
  20. Good luck with that.

    Then you may helmet down as well; along with both knees, elbows and throw in the back too.