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Boss RC3

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by sbk_750, May 4, 2012.

  1. I know there are a few Muso's here.. So....

    Anyone got a Boss RC3 loopstation?

    I'm thinking of getting one to use as a sketchpad and to practice scalework over.
    Are they as easy to use as youtube suggests? Is the interface easy to operate? I'll be hooking it up to my computer that is running cool edit pro as my base to save any riffs/ tracks that I want to keep and work further on.
    The thing is that my "studio" is upstairs, and I generally play and practice downstairs. I'm thinkin that the RC 3 will let me do that, plus capture the stuff I wanna keep for future song writing.

    I'm even thinking that if it works as I hope I can use it live to have a bit of fun with during a set.

    Whatchas reckon?
  2. G'day mate,

    I started with the RC-2, moved to the RC50 pretty quickly.

    Wish I'd bought one years prior. I'd recommend it HIGHLY don't even think about it....

    Just check, that the RC-3 which replaced the RC2, will connect to a PC cause the 2 didnt. I ended up getting the 50 due to the extra storage, ability to play MP3 and WAV and connect to PC etc.

    When I'm busking I use it live. ABout the only thing to note is that the drums will sound a bit rough through a guitar amp. The drums will sound better through a PA but then your guitar tone suffers unless you run modellers etc which I had to switch to for live use to get the tone....

    Seriously awesome/cool bits of gear. Would love to chat/answer any questions you have I've used mine now for about 3-4yrs.


    The RC50 is hiding behind the guitar case and this picture shows my then ME50 FX, I now use the POD HD500 and very happy with it.
  3. thanks mate,

    Yes it has USB connectivity, and 3 hours of internal storage.

    I think I'll just get it, it sounds like an awesome tool.
  4. It is mate, 1 reason I bought the bigger one was there was TOO much functionality packed into a single pedal. Sometimes you need to single click, double click or hold click to perform certain functions which can do your head in bit. You can expand it with another plug in pedal for start/stop (or other functions) but then you may aswell buy the RC30. Other than that it's easy enough to use....

    I dropped my Jazz guitar pictured above at the local shop recently for repairs and noticed the RC300 is now out....might be worth a check on Ebay US.....When I looked at the RC20 (Dual pedal jobbie) it was about the same $$ to buy the RC50 from the states and it was worth every penny ;)

    Do you have FX? I found it really handy to have an Octave +1 & -1 (minus 1 octave for bass). Start the on board drum pattern off, record some simple chords/progressions, lay over your bass lines and doodle away for hours, it's great fun.

    A really good way of hearing how different scales etc sound over particular chords/progressions is to just record 1 strum of just 1 chord - then practice over the top of that. Then you can add in a 2nd chord and do the same, change the 2nd chord and see how it changes.....these things are awesome both for live/playing use but also for practice use.

    It's also awesome to have a garage full of muso's to 'play' with at 2am in the morning......certainly solved my issue with unreliable muso's not showing up! hahaha
  5. Why not get a keyboard with some looping functions and a line-in? I got a RC-2 and haven't used it much due to the weird double click, hold click rubbish (but I am only a bass player!).

    Good to visualise music on a keyboard scale (so they say)....

  6. I cant use a keybourd for our live gigs, and I want a small loopstation that I can carry around and use with ease.
    Like I said, I have a studio upstairs that I can create loops on using the CEP program, but I'm looking for a unit to use as a sketch pad that I can hook up to the computer at a later date to download any of the good stuff. The RC3 looks like it'll do all that and more.

    I also seen a digitec version.. Anyone used one of those?
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  8. I've played with a jamman a little.. Seem to be very cool.
    If you get on ausband dot com dot au int he hints and tips section someone there should be able to help as well..