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Born to be Mild...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by JeanLuc664, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. G'day from the South West Coast...

    Just a few quick lines to say 'Hi!' and introduce myself....

    I fell into two wheeling it by accident I guess....

    I live in Bunbury WA (about 200 kms south of Perth) and after many years of good service my 89 Ford Station Wagon finally died totally and I had to take the saddle off and shoot the beast on the side of the road... which left me without transport... now Bunbury (in fact MOST of WA) is as flat as a pool table so I thought "I'll get one of those wee 50cc scooter thingies I see the kids (I'm 46) zipping around town on... It's gotta be cheaper to run (petrol is $1-40 a litre here)... and it's the dry season... I'll use the money I save to get a car again when the rains come again in April/May... (only two seasons over here - dry and wet ;-P)"

    Man!!!!! Why didn't I do this YEARS ago...???? 8-D

    It's been fun... an adventure... and a learning curve all at the same time....

    ...but I'm hooked! DEFINITELY getting my bike licence now and have promised myself a Pagsta Cruiser for my next birthday LOL


    I work in a fast food joint and the kids that work there have since decided to 'fully pimp' this old fart's 'hog' ROFL 8^D ... I came out from work the other day to find fluffy dice hanging from one mirror... a air freshener tree hanging from the other ... and one of those little orange flags from a geriatric electric wheelchair/scooter bolted onto the helmet rack at the back...

    I laughed so hard I nearly wet 8-D ...and decided to leave the new additions.... *shrugs* at least I can be confident that no self respecting thief would wanna be seen dead on it now 8-P
  2. Great yarn, Jean-Luc, and a hearty welcome to Netrider :).
  3. Welcome Aboard mate !!
    I said the EXACT same thing here when I first got my bike only 6 months ago :p :p

    ENJOY but STAY SAFE .. read.. read.. practice.. practice..

  4. You must be a terrific 'old fart' to work with if the 'kids' do that for ya
  5. LOL.... Not sure if they did it FOR or TO me... :LOL:

    ...Thanx for the warm welcome guys :grin:
  6. Mmmmm, seems we have a bit in common, JeanLuc. I sat on one of those Pagsta Cruisas today. Man, it seemed to fit me like a glove, I'm 172cm and 65kg, and it was just right.

    Mind you , the MadAss 125 felt good too.............
  7. hello and welcome
    i to got bike for the same reason over 3 months ago and new car for the missus
  8. Hi, I live down the road from you in Mandurah.

    Always wanted to ride a bike but with young kids it was a bit too hard. Now they are all teenagers felt it was time to do it.

    Got my MC licence just this, oops, last year and the now teenagers are pushing me to get a bigger bike so they can come too! Thinking that I will take my time :p
    They're a bit jelous they are left orphans so I can get riding practise. Last weekend went down to Margaret River.

    I learned in the wet and reackon I will keep up through the wet becasue it's the best thing in my working day. Maybe some good wet weather gear needed so you don't have to buy a car?