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Born again

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by pmcdermo, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Just recently decided to get back on a bike.

    I had a pretty bad crash 6 years ago in Ireland where I am from originally...anyway between moving to Australia, getting married, starting a family etc I never got around to getting back on a bike.

    Of course now with my Irish licence well and truly expired I have to start with a LAMS bike....but hey after 6 years of some time on a 250 is probably not such a bad idea. Currently on the look out for a VTSpada, 250Hornet or a 250 Bandit. All great little grey imports which we could never really get our hands on back in Ireland.

    I am only 28 though so not like I will be getting an R6 with matching leathers ASAP....no mid life crisis here....yet

    Anyway looking forward to spending hours going through the threads

  2. welcome bud, whats wrong with an R6? :D dont need to go through a mid life to own 1, awsome machines :) where in OZ did u move to?
  3. I live in Sydney now,

    No nothing wrong with the R6.....but you know the mid life crisis type I am talking about.
  4. Where in Sydney mate? And you should come to the Learner's sessions at Homebush to show us your mad skillz :D

    Fun Ha!
  5. Hey Paul,

    Welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay here and your hunt for a motorcycle.

    Good luck.
  6. Welcome back to riding.

    28 and you've immigrated, got married and started a family. You have been a busy boy.

    I immigrated to Brisbane in 88 and now live in Sydney. Don't get back home anywhere near enough but love Australia (I was only a pup when we came here so I'm pretty much an Aussie now).

    The VTSpada, 250Hornet or a 250 Bandit are all good choices to get you going again.

    Good luck and safe riding.
  7. Welcome back mate. As others have said, indeed, you HAVE been busy during this 'time off'.
    If I'd have done all the things which you have in the years gone by, I'd be NEEDING an excuse for a mid-life crisis :) Hence, my R1..lol
    Enjoy and safe happy riding to you.
  8. ahhh u picked a winner moving to Sydney :)
  9. Well finally bought the bike today, a 99 Yamaha 250 Zeal. No rego so organisaing my mechanic to pick it up next week and blue slip it and give it the once over

    Looking forward to it....hope the weather is decent next weekend for a bit of a spin
  10. Welcome Bro!
  11. Congrats on the bike :D Pics?
  12. My mechanic is picking it up tomorrow so I have not taken any photos, but these are the photos used in the ad.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Ya gotta love those pipes......maybe not the fairing though, see if it grows on me
  13. Hey that's a nice lookin' bike you got therrre

  14. Welcome to another Paul :)

    Did you see any road-racing in Ireland, North-West 200, that sort of stuff??
  15. Yes used to catch it on a Saturday on ITV, great TV.

    Those guys are nuts, I know they paint the curbs and put padding on the telegraph poles but your still finished if you hit them!
  16. $3750, they have got to be kidding, the guy who owned it up to last week couldn't even get $2k for it on ebay...yes last week!! :-s


    That bike has double in price in a week. That is Scotts Motorcycles in Arncliffe.....they will also sell you a 20 year old GB250 with new clocks and paint for $6500 :deal:

    and they offer finance