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Born Again Newb

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by j3st3r, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. While I've been skulking around and making posts for a little while now I have felt almost un-entitled to as I was without a ride of my very own. Well, today that is the case no more as I finally took possession of what I believe is my dream bike. A big black Suzuki GSX 1400.:woot:
    Therefore, please allow me the gratuitous honour of re-introducing myself to you all.

    I'm a mid 30's bloke, happily married (a day away from celebrating 20 years with my beautiful girl) with kids.
    My life's journey started in Scotland before coming to Australia in 1984 which saw us land in Melbourne, then just on twelve months ago the move was made to the NSW Central Coast. I'm currently employed as a Postal Delivery Officer where I get to mutilate the lawns of Sydney's upper north shore with the company issued CT110 :D

    Before I get the barrage lol the pics can found here

  2. hehe no use welcoming u mate, u been here a while now but good to see u moved away from Melboring, smart move that 1 (give me your best melbonights) lol

    so since we cant welcome you, screw you :)
  3. Oh my Goz, really now. Don't ou know that I'm not that kind of boy?

    Well not on the first date at least ;) :p
  4. Massive congrats Lee!! So happy for ya...
    How exciting... pics pics pics
  5. Love the avatar. It's actually an acquaintance of mine from Canberra, doing a burnout on a "postie" down in one of the suburbs of the Tuggeranong Valley. It circulated for quite a while before his identity was finally revealed, and, IIRC, he got the sack because if it. Party poopers!!
  6. I have heard that he got the sack for it and from the story I was told the relavation of his identity was aided by a scorned and bitter estranged wife. Would this part of the story be accurate?