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Boris Mihailovic interview on ABC + new book

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. The brother Serb tells it how it is


    Plus he has a new book out

    Whether you're into dirt bikes, road bikes, ride a Yamaha, scooter or Laverda: if you've ever experienced the primal rush of riding a motor bike, the pain of crashing, the suffering of healing and the epiphanies of speed then this book is for you. MY MOTHER WARNED ME ABOUT BLOKES LIKE ME is about friendship, treachery, girls in tight pants and motorcycles that have been possessed by Satan. It s about brotherhood, camaraderie, drugs, alcohol and being hounded by the police for daring to combine them all at once. It s about breaking the law, and racing 1000 kilometres through the night for money and thrills. It s about thalidomide dwarves being molested by fighting dogs, massive amputations, bovine stupidity, maniacal genius and the wisdom of the old. It s about chance and fate and suffering, being two people at once and being handcuffed in a Melbourne gutter. It s about being cold and crazy and hopeful and irredeemably lost. It s about impossible highs and soul-crushing lows, about demons and brothers and dirt and danger, and houses with iron bars instead of glass in their windows. Essentially it s about Boris Mihailovic s life. With motorcycles.
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  2. The rider looks like Bono.
  3. It's a fantastic book. A great read.
  4. Who would want to ride a Laverda.He is a funny bloke,sometimes he pisses me off the the max,and other times he makes me laugh.Defiantly a shit stirrer and the top order.
  5. I think he'd be happy with that description Zim.

    Not too sure if I agree with him on a lot of things, but he can write really, really well. Some of his ride reports have read like Homeric Epics. Will check the book out.

    And it does look like Bono on the cover.
  6. Bloody good read.
  7. the one about the dog trying to root his disabled mate had me in tears......
  8. He's annoying enough as a column wasting space in AMCN... a whole books worth of his mind numbing drivel?

    Pass [-(