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Boris Johnson, you irresponsible wanker

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by mike8863, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. What a fcuking joke....

    A highly trained and skilled F1 driver gets castigated and demonised for doing a simple demo in his road car for fans at the last Melbourne GP,yet this fat pommy wanker with no skills or training does something so dangerous and irresponsible as ride a push bike in the heart of the city, in traffic, WITHOUT EVEN A HELMET let alone any reasonable protective or fluorescent clothing...... and the powers that be just laugh it away.

    Come on Lay, your weak as piss ...throw the book at him

    I want to see his fat ass locked up for what he has done..fair is fair.


    LONDON Mayor Boris Johnson jumped on a bike and zipped down Spring St without a care - or a helmet.
    With his mop of fair hair waving in the wind, Johnson didn't even realise he was breaking the law as he straddled the blue council bicycle and took off.
    He squeezed past a packed tram and pulled off a sweeping U-turn in the kind of spontaneous display that has earned him global appeal.
    London's Mayor showed remorse after he realised he was legally obliged to protect his head.
    His only hope, he admitted, was that his mate, Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle, would understand.
    "I didn't see the sign," he said. "I hope we will be all right with the authorities."

  2. I say good on him. Fckin ridiculous law anyway.
  3. helmets are not compulsery in the UK.
    how would he know australia is retarded

    branson did the same thing
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  4. I agree. I wonder what the view from that great bastion of safety the RACV is.
  5. Oh look more 'controversy' on NetRider from a Herald Sun article


    Maybe you should back it up with an email to A Current Affair.
  6. He's a pommy knob, send him home on the first boat
  7. He's a pom if he fell it would only make improvements to his looks and intelligence :)
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    Last edited: Aug 23, 2013
    In Europe bicycle helmets are not required.

    Lane splitting is not against the law. They have a marked box on the road in front of the cars at traffic lights for all mbikes, scooters and bicycles to gather at stop lights. In Paris the traffic lights are up high with a set of smaller lights lower down for all two wheeled people to see. Brilliant.

    It was great to see lane splitting at work too. Millions of two wheelers in Paris and Rome.
  9. i like boris.

    i don't see why you are so angry OP.
  10. So now ignorance of the law is a defence? So because I am from the UK can I drive at 100 mph when I see the speed limit signs on the freeway? because in the uk signs are in mph?

    I do not think we are shouting out because it is Boris. He has always entertained me especially when he was on Have I got News for You.

    I think it is about the obvious double standards.
  11. I'd charge him with riding a girls bike in a suit. Not a good look.
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  12. Boris, a politician with a sense of humour, where do you get them ? Bring in a boatload tomorrow.
  13. Australia has some of the harshest helmet laws in the world.

    I like Boris, more power to him. It's not his fault Australia is retarded.
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  14. And there you have it- Point missing 101.
    Meh, no surprise here though.
  15. No, I got the point but there's no point whining about spilt milk. Ignoring Boris's transgression was the right thing to do. Not carrying on like pork chops about the F1 incident would have been the right thing to do but, in the current cloud of motoring wowserism wasn't going to happen.

    And in practical terms, the F1 driver may have been castigated and demonised but he was not AFAIK, prosecuted. Nor has Boris been so far. So, in the eyes of the law, at least, treatment has been equal. Tut-tutting and finger wagging; who the fcuck cares?
  16. They should remove all helmet laws in Australia, would make it a lot better.
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  17. that clump of fake hair just migjt be approved safety device