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Boris - columnist for AMCN?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hairycucumber, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. #1 hairycucumber, Mar 1, 2007
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  2. Boris, personally I don’t know the bloke, however he speaks a language I understand (non-politically correct English) and he comes across as a passionate rider and that alone gets the thumbs up from me.
  3. One of the reasons that I don't read AMCN
  4. So it is the same person? :shock:
  5. Boris is a troll... not worth reading in AMCN or elsewhere. :roll:
  6. His heart's in the right place...
  7. +1

    Sounds like he has quite a supporter group over there. Judging by the responses, the world really does have plenty of bogon, peasant, goatherd morons. If they all managed to drape themselves over the armco, coming of the bike wouldn't hurt so much..... :roll:
  8. Walked past me at the sydney expo and scoffed. Real men don't scoff, do they?


    I think Scrambles is his love child :)
  9. Cam is Boris' adopted son.

    Prettier though :p.
  10. what are you all going on about boris didnt even write it? he simply just posted up some dale maggs from the mraa had written? boris is after the motorcycling communities opinion on what dale maggs has said...

    no point saying boris is a idiot for saying something that he is just after an opinion on
  11. +1
  12. A fair while ago, in fact the first night that Jax(not to be confused with Jaqhama) came along to the Homebush Bay Brewery after the "looking for closure" thread reached her, Boris came along to a Netrider Sydney meet. Jaqhama invited him along to do a story on Jax meeting the netrider crowd and to do a story on that thread.

    I had to drop my bike off for a service so I caught the train to HBB. When I got on the train at Lidcombe, this burly looking bloke with all sorts of bike logos on his clothes was sitting opposite me. I asked if he was going to the netrider meet. He said yes very cautiously. Then I asked him what his user name was - his response "My what?". "You're username on netrider". He gave a very filthy look and said that he wasn't on netrider and was invited along to do a story. Turns out he was on the train because he had LOST HIS LICENCE FOR DUI. That was the point at which I knew he was a tool.

    By the time we got to Homebush(takes all of 10 minutes) we had nothing left to talk about because Boris couldn't fathom how any group of proper riders could meet on the internet. It was entirely foreign to him and I got the distinct impression that he thought we were freaks for doing so, and certainly not worthy of his precious time.

    Nothing much improved during the night. He talked to Jax, blew most of us off, got drunk and obnoxious and the article never turned up in AMCN despite Jaqhama badgering him about it. Now, I'm also someone who avoids any media that has his name anywhere near it.

    It is interesting to see that he has now resorted to the medium that he thought was only frequented by wankers - the motorcycle internet!
  13. yeah ok now i see your point by the looks of this the guy has no place giving advise to anyone, let alone writting for amcn
  14. I was at the same HBB meet that Greg reports on.

    I met Boris, and was interviewed by him as a spokesman for Netrider.

    The fact the oxygen isn't rationed so some people can't get any is a serious shortcoming in this world.....
  15. Boris can occasionally write some seriously good articles for AMCN. Other times he seems lost for ideas and resorts to old stereotypes to attack, just to get a response.

    I've heard that he is actually a reasonable person, I suspect some of his internet and published persona is just a front.
  16. I LOVE Boris, I've been reading him off and on for years. He says what he thinks and will say it regardless of the audience. :cool:
  17. Thing is Brother D, I think he writes what he thinks will get a response. Someone who is clearly educated, articulate and intelligent can't possibly hold some of the views that he does...or can they? :cool: :p :oops:
  18. have a cup of concrete and harden the fcuk up !

    Canberra sucks by the way !
    But really i'm in south Yass !
    See you Victorians tomorrow.

    Oh yeah, we are having drinks with Boris on the island ! ;)

  19. Take it from me...Boris is not even real...he is a construct built by the netrider guys to sell advertising space.
    He is nothing like the mature, polite, safety-crat, fine upstanding citizens of Netrider.

    Do yourselves a favour and have a beer with us (Including Boris and the oustanding Mick Hodge) at Phillip Island (That is, if your are off your P's of course....don't be naughty now!).

    South Yass fcuking sucks arse,

    So does Haggismaen.

    That is all.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.