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Boris, AMCN columnist

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by davidb, May 6, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I'm relatively new to Netrider, although originally being from Melbourne, I've known of it for years. I've ridden since 1983 all over Vic, NSW, Central, QLD. Ridden and owned most makes except for Hondas, Triumphs, and Guzzis. Had a bad accident in 2009 that kept me off the road for 15 months. Now I ride a Gilera Fuoco while I get back into the swing of things. BTW, I'm only boring you all with This is your life, cos apparently, it's protocol to introduce yourself. I could go on and on and on, but I'll get to the point:
    Is that AMCN columnist Boris, a cool dude for voicing his mind or just a complete twat? I can't make up my mind. Who doesn't he hate? He's so full of bile, he's like a human gall bladder. (He also reads these forums and despises is for things like wearing riding gear). I mean I enjoy his column, but he reminds me of the 'Hooded Mongrel' from Monash Uni who just offended everyone. Any thoughts?

  2. He calls it like he sees it. Whether you like what he says or not, I respect that.
  3. as he sees it, of course, is wholly conditioned by what he thinks will sell magazines
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  4. Boris beats to the sound of his own drum and doesn't give a toss what others think of him.
    Like him or not he speaks his mind as he sees it and that's a big load of respect from me.
  5. he's a complete twat
  6. Give a reason not just a broad statement.
  7. OP, got a link to one of the columns?
  8. just answering the OP's question

    Is that AMCN columnist Boris, a cool dude for voicing his mind or just a complete twat?
  9. yes so please expand from there.
  10. I think david is Boris come to say hello.

    Hi Boris *nods*
  11. You first. How can you broadly say "he beats to the sound of his own drum" without giving a reason for that opinion, and shortly thereafter expect others to give one for theirs?
  12. I know him personally and that is what he is like, is that ok? considering I ALSO said "Like him or not he speaks his mind as he sees it and that's a big load of respect from me."
    It's a lot more informative than he's a so and so
  13. I geerally read his page, and i respect that a person has to be able to speak their mind, but that right does not exclude him from being civil.

    Somtimes i fear his sometimes important message, gets lost by the caustic attitude or tone.
    On those occasions he has failed himself his magazine and his followers. Unless of course, he does'nt believe in the value of his own message.
    Then Boris is a guy with a venue on which he is lucky enough to have public soapbox to vent his bile. Against others who cannot respond in same. boris has an unfair advantage, which he sometimes abuses.

    Having said that, a whole lot of what he says does ring true, to me anyway.
  14. I had a feeling he'd polarise readers. He's motorcycling's Andrew Bolt. When I was at Monash Uni in the 1990s, a columnist for Lot's Wife (the student newspaper) called himself 'The Hooded Mongrel'. He abused the crap out of every group/faculty on campus; he hated everyone equally. He had opinions on everything and held the moral high ground on every issue. His stock in trade was the rant. He also got a lot of hate mail/support which kept students reading. Who does that remind me of?
    Boris despises just about any other living thing on a bike who isn't riding for the right reasons, or who does not conform to his narrow minded world view. He does not tell it like it is; he tells it like it should be on Planet Boris. His riding attitudes seem based on simplistic, pseudo Darwinian principles. If you can't ride; you pretty much deserve to get squashed. Don't bother wearing gear, just don't crash.
    This ignores that Darwin was not just on about survival of the fittest. He also stressed adapting to your surroundings, and adaptations that work are selected by the natural environment. How this relates to riders is this: if you wear riding gear and it makes you more confident, you're more likely to be in the zone riding more skillfully and managing risks. You have less incidents/get offs and so you continue using this 'adaptation'. Riders wearing shorts, thongs etc may ride more cautiously but cautious is not always safe. Cautious can lead to tense riding that means you set up badly for a corner. If you come off (and plenty do in the heat up here in Townsville), you're hurting and unlikely to continue riding in shorts. This behaviour is not 'selected' any more by the person, and is less likely to be 'inherited' by anyone who hears of it.
    So wearing gear makes perfect sense, but not to Boris who sees expensive gear as a status symbol worn by knobs. This is classic false deduction; observing a minority and tarring the majority as fools. And anyway, you can't have it both ways. Sports bike riders are 'ATGATT' in his jargon (all the gear all the time). Well, as far as I can tell from AMCN photos, he is 'ATVATT' (all the vest all the time), cos these 1%ers always wear their black, leather vest on their Hogs. Good on 'em; just don't carry on like a pork chop cos I wear my jacket, gloves and boots every ride. If I wanted to wear shorts, I'd be sitting on 40 klicks, but then I may as well stay home if I can't enjoy the ride, even to the shops.
    Of course, forums like this merely give the guy more oxygen. Columnists cannot survive without it. Well, that's my rant.
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    Meh, nothing to get worked up over. Boris is just entertainment value, much along the same lines as YouTube's "Foamy The Squirrel": eg: [media=youtube]upgS56ORpZQ[/media]

    Boris wears gear as indicated by in-magazine photos of him riding. He appears to almost always be clad in a leather jacket, at least sturdy jeans, boots, gloves, and a helmet. He did a track day race thing a few years back, got clad in a Joe Rocket sponsored leather suit, crashed but was largely unhurt (slide only apparantly), and the suit half tore itself apart at the seams, and Boris wrote about how impressed he was that the suit half held together. Anyone who owns the local Australian made Tiger Angel leathers would find such a thing laughable (I did as I am still wearing a 6yo set that I've crashed at the track in a number of times, with all stitching still intact), so clearly Boris takes a nod to paid sponsorship as well.

    I've never met the guy, I don't really know what he's like, but from reading between the lines I personally imagine him to take up a position largely for entertainment value. His heart seems in the right place, and I reckon you could count on him to help you out if you were riding with him, even if you fit one of his hated stereotypes. Speaking of his hated stereotypes, it actually seems hard to fit them because I know of so few people who do fit them.

    In short, nothing to really get riled up about. Accept him for what he is in terms of entertainment (of a sort), and if you're offended by that, that's your perogative. I'm not, I enjoy his rants even if I seem to half-fit some of his stereotypes, but I know inside that I'd ride rings around him on my dirty beat up 'fighter with my scraped up 6yo power-ranger leather suit, and get a mischeivous twinkle in my eye at the thought of that. It's just words. Words only have power over you if you let them have power over you. Laugh instead. Much easier.
  16. Boris has his opinions and there is nothing wrong with that. What I have noticed is that people who had there own opinion on a matter will change it because Boris doesn't agree. There aren't too many on that forum that will openly challenge him.
  17. Hopefully they aren't actually influenced by his BS, they just realise that arguing on the forums is pretty much the definition of futility and move on to other topics.
  18. He has a website & forum that you can ask him directly, if you're so inclined...

    See above.

    Like others, I usually get a laugh form his columns & writing, on the flipside, I sometimes fit into his hated "stereotypes" also...

    But he speaks his mind & you've got to respect that, at the very least.
  19. Boris's column is about the only bit worth reading in the morass of cheap, syndicated tosh that is AMCN. I've bought one issue in desperation for something to read on a plane but won't be chucking my money their way again. I'll just stick to reading Boris in found/borrowed copies or whilst looking for something more worthwhile in the newsagents.
  20. Sorry, I don't respect that at all, unless the mind in question has some thoughts actually worth speaking out! I used to work with intellectual disabilities and believe me, there are few combinations more aggravating than feeble mind combined with strong will.