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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by scooter, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. Just so this is eligable for general discussion I would just like to state that in my experience I have always found motorcycle tyres to be of a black colour and generally considered to be round in shape and hollow in nature.

    BORED bored BORED bored BORED bored BORED bored BORED

    I'm terribly

    BORED bored BORED bored BORED bored BORED bored BORED

  2. (bunk off work and go for a ride)
  3. It still should go in off topic ;)

    Last time I was that bored and work was driving me insane, I went around to all the staff rooms and took orders for a chocolate shop. Took all their money and went for a ride ;)
  4. except when you use the expanding foam after a puncture...

    but in anycase here is one of my favoirte time wasters:


    I lie the internet is my time waster...
  5. You are rotten to the core Eswen.

    Damn that Australian idol show, of all the contestants the only one that has stuck with me is that geeky guy with the bored ditty, can't get it out of my head.
  6. hehehe yeah i hate that. Its worse being at work and having nothing to do. Its harder to try and look busy
  7. Motorcycle Tyres and Oprah should get aquainted.
  8. Scoots - I can't believe how FREAKIN' BORED I am today also

    * smacks head *
  9. Weren't you trying out for Oz idol or similar doonks?

    How did it go?
  10. i try :grin:
  11. :LOL:

    No, it was an audition for a new quiz show on Ch 7. They're just advertising it now, called "The Master". I missed out by 1 question to make it on. :mad: :mad: :mad:

    We'll see how the show goes, and how good I can answer them from the loungeroom !!!
  12. +1

    Work is incredibly boring.
  13. If i'm bored i just head down the back of the warehouse and daydream for a while or cause trouble... both have happy endings :)
  14. Too right it's bloody boring today. I go on holls on Friday so its really bad. Took the work car to work so I can't even bugger off for a ride :cry:

    I'm looking very busy but really I'm trying to do a photoshop mock up of my GS to see what "bits" would be best for her. :wink: Nobody can see my monitor. hahahahahahaha :grin:
  15. Eeew, I hope you don't mean what I think you mean. :p :LOL:.