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Bored of my CBF250 {moved to bike reviews and suggestions}

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Lilrider, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys
    I'm currently learning a CBF 250 which has been great for getting used to riding (had NO previous experience) but I love cruisers and am planning on getting a LAMs one soon. I'm looking at the XVS 650, as I don't want another 250 but being NSW licenced I'm restricted to 650cc.
    Given I'm 5'3 50ish kgs, a jump form a CBF 250 to an XVS 650 will be pretty dramatic in the handling, has anyone done similar? how did you find it getting used to a heavy cruiser after a nimble little bike?

  2. Re: Bored of my CBF250

    It's probably way too easy, but you know what 'CBF' stands for, right? ;)
  3. Re: Bored of my CBF250

    Thanks, I know there are alot of XVS 650 post, I was more after experiences of small person on a small bike going to a bigger, completely different style of bike.
  4. Re: Bored of my CBF250

    Regardless of other people experience the only way to know for sure is to ride one.
  5. Re: Bored of my CBF250

    What b12mick says, get out there and throw a leg over one. I went from a 200Kg Z1000 to a 350Kg M109r. I'm an OK rider but not super skilled by any means and had no issues after the first 5 mins of riding (mainly coming to terms with how slowly a cruiser turns in). Opinions are like arseholes, everyone's got one and they're usually full of sh1t.
  6. Sounds like you know what you want so go get it!
  7. Re: Bored of my CBF250

    Its a cruiser, weight is lowdown.
  8. Re: Bored of my CBF250

    According to google its 247kg. If you're only 50kilos I would say you need to start doing squats. You may be able to ride it on the open road ok but you may struggle with reverse parking, driveway maneuvering etc. If your balance isn't impeccable you can compensate for it with strength, but if you don't have strength or balance you might find yourself dropping it.
  9. I need strength AND balance?? geez... one or the other is fine :)