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bored, looking for twins to entertain me

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by slyfox, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. i've been searching the internet for an hour or so but i can't find a nice sound file of a vtr1000 or similar bike, i want to hear that nice staintune, or standard twin roar, anyone got a link?

  2. Oh damn, wrong twins! I thought you might have wanted RC and me to tell you jokes or something! :LOL: :LOL:
  3. I clicked, thinking "Bambi and Thumper have fun in the forest".

    That turned to disappointment when I saw "VTR1000 or similar bike". And then to stomach churning revulsion at the thought of Hornet and RCHonda.

    Thanks. I may skip dinner tonight.
  4. thanks that was a good link, the stock cans and staintune don't sound anywhere near as good as the yoshi recording, personal preference i guess, and recording set-up perhaps.

    i hope i never got bored enough to consider looking up those two, i would like their $$$ though.
  5. Bait and switch! :(
  6. Blakely ?

    Gail and Gillian ?
  7. nice call. Takes me back :LOL:
  8. Nah. I know some are going to bite at this, but I've never liked the note that StainTune's give when on the VTR. Too harsh and blatty.

    The Yoshi's, Micron's, (I personally had an Indigo Sports full exhaust system on my VTR) sound more mellow, deeper, like rolling thunder over the horizon, and quite simply just awesome!

    Indigo Sports Exhausts are American, and not really well known in Australia, but the full system I put on the VTR1000F had even Ducati 916 owners of the day turning a little green. I honestly lost count of the number of people who used to comment how good it sounded. Heck, I even managed to sell the bike for about $1000 more than I probably should have gotten for it, just 'cos the buyer kept going weak at the knees every time he blipped the throttle. :grin:

    The majority of the reason why the VTR1000F sounded so much better with the full exhaust system was that the stock pipes are 40mm diameter, but the exhaust port headers are actually 50mm diameter. The full system I had put on was 50mm diameter the whole way through, rather than the stock 40mm which still restricts even the slip-on cans.

    Anyone who knows anything about pipe organs knows that the fatter the pipe, the deeper and richer the note, and that's exactly what the full system released in the VTR's exhaust note. It was like a full half-octave lower than the standard note, and with the CF cans I had on it, very mellow. Loud as all get-off, but lacking any harshness to the note whatsoever.
  9. Somebody say..... TWINS, baby?


    Oh behave!