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bored bored bored, anyone up for a ride now??? tonight

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. where ever doesnt matter :)

  2. Would if i hadnt been drinkin for the past few hours :(
  3. hey biatch : ) how u been.. saw the words u had with hittis the other day ha ha no gr4 yet either i gather? il burn u one if you want man
  4. oh and gix, keep it to yourself about BR k ha ha he'l come again soon enough ; )
  5. come over to my place gixxer, apparently you become a better rider if you pissed.
  6. Good thanks mate and you? Hahaha F#$k hittis,he's a wanker :LOL: yeah no GR4 yet,they reckon they still havent sent the GR challenge copies out yet :roll: Thanks for the offer mate but its all good,im in no hurry to see it,heard too many bad reports about it :LOL:

    Hahaha i dont who BR is :LOL: :LOL: :wink:
  7. BR isnt too popular at gr at the moment. the past is haunting him ha ha.
  8. lol to be expected :LOL:
  9. it's all good br can take it as good as it's given.
    good to see you behaving yourself here ya 2 faced bastard ha ha ; )
  10. lmao,i never behave :LOL:
  11. yuh huh sure sure.. man no takers.. my friend has just left and ditched me for her boyfriend..
    10 mins till i leave 11.25.. anyone?
    gix stay safe man and il have to show you how it isnt done at the spur soon ha ha
  12. lol :D I think you'll be riding solo bud :? lol anytime bro 8) :LOL: you stay safe to matey :wink: