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Bored At Work

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by stewy, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. Hey guys just want to say i am bored at work..... Let me run you through my day today so far. First i arrive at start time 8.30am, get out of bike gear 8.40. Make a coffee and have a chat a the coffee machine 8.50. walk back to my desk put the coffee there go and ask everyone (in my section for something to draw (i am a draftee) nobody has anything. ok so go back to my desk 9.00, check my personal emails (nothing)9.05. Check this forum (spam some shit) go to 3 other forums i am part of (spam some more shit) finish that at 9.30. Come back here and still not many post, check the others forums (nope nothing) 9.45. Go back round and ask everyone if they have anything for me to do, guess what still nothing 9.55. Well 9.55 is close enough to morning tea time go make a coffee and go upstairs have a chat with the admin girls 10.07. Now siting back at my desk typing this post as i have nothing else to to.

    So let me summarise this for anyone that had trouble following. Got to work at 8.30 today and have sat here with nothing to F*^KING do for almost 2 hours.

    No just re-read my post to make sure it made sense 10.14

    Hope you are all having a better day them me :(
  2. I used to work as a student architect; let me know when a full week goes by without you 'actually' doing any work. ;)
  3. oh no i could handle that, i am having enough trouble sitting here atm. The worest thing is i know we have about 3-4 high rise building just waiting to be detailed but waiting on more information from the architect. So while i am sitting here doing nothing in a weeks time they are going to want me to work night and day because the others jobs have just been sitting.
  4. How doing nothing makes the day go soooooooooooooo slowwwwwwwwwww. Would they miss you if you went and washed your bike.
  5. mmmm.... not sure, but i work at the end of a dirt road so could be an idea.

    is anyone else listening to triple m atm, they have a s(*t song atm
  6. bad song is over and news is now on, just oncase anyone wanted to know :)
  7. news is now over and ads have just started
  8. I feel for you brother :(

    Although I think I just landed myself a new job so I should have plenty to keep me out of trouble soon :)

    Moral of the story [bored == new job required]
  9. this is a new job, and when we have work we really do work, but when it's slow it's boring

    just an update.... coffee just run out and lost my game of solitaire
  10. woooo hoooo

    motley crue, kick start my heart is on....
  11. Hey Stewy, don't worry my morning has been just as boring :roll: . I haven't got much work atm - hopefully it will pick up soon.

    :D :D

  12. Now i would start complaining if i was you . No work , ok that's not a problem but NO COFFEE :evil: :evil: heads should roll for that.
  13. We all sympathise with you stewy!!!!

    I'm lucky. I'm teaching in the computer lab today so, while my students are completing a research assignment, I can check in with what's happeing on Netrider..

    I'm not bored though. You can't be bored when you have a class of 32 Year 6 students!!!!
  14. no no, we haven't run out of coffee i just finish mine... maybe giev it another 15mins and might make another one.... by lunch time i will look like this :arrow: :shock:
  15. :LOL: Sounds like you're having fun. It's been bloody hectic here at my end. 3-4 jobs gotta be done simultaneously and each job takes an hour to be done in 5 minutes. Want a new job?? :roll:
  16. I'm on lunch.... Nothing much has happened here, how about you?



  17. no thanks menna, that doesn't sound like fun at all
  18. Im sitting in the office, wifi'd and hiding.
    By that, it means looking to busy to be aproached....
  19. im not doing much either

    and i got a sore throat and bad coughu, headache, wrist in bandage.. hmm what else can i complain about, the 3 boys in the office are playing
    they are comparing scores and yelling "OOO ITS A BIG ONE!"


    "WOW 6 AGAIN'

    "WHAT ARE YOU ON???"

    "IM ON ####/###"

    :D i cant play it cos im the only one on a network server so images take 20x longer to load ( loading frrom sydney server ).. once there is something to do with flash on the page it just dies in the arse!