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Borders Vouchers

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by peeahh, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. A Jack Black movie and NON-fiction books...


  2. Oh quit ya bitchin'...

    I get them every couple of weeks, i'm sure sooner or later there'll be one you'll use...

    shoosh :p
  3. How do you get these sent to you? Are you a member of a bookclub or is it secret society stuff???

    - bookworm girl :p
  4. Lil, buy a book @ borders and ask to join up at the checkout.
  5. Yeah I used to work there so seems they added me all by their little selves :evil: I personally don't use them, but realise a lot of people do.

    I love Borders, I really do, and I could sit in their store 24hrs a day for days, but for actually BUYING, you can get stuff a crap load cheaper elsewhere.

    They are very good for getting stuff that's hard to get in though :)

    So yeah, I don't know what the deal is with getting on the list now. We did a huge thing just before I left asking if people wanted to join, but it had stopped before I left. As far as I know, as Rob said, you can just ask at the counter :)
  6. Cheers Peeahh :)
  7. 'Twist of the wrist 2' $42.95 - 20% = Thankyou

  8. I put a pic of a really cute little puppy in this thread - and now it's gone.

    This over-zealous 'I think this post is unnecessary so I'll delete it' type censorship is starting to get very old, and very gay.
  9. Amazon > Borders (or any other book store). It's simply cheaper and it gets delivered to your door. I do buy from Borders when I simply must have the book as soon as possible, though.
  10. Thanks for that! I never knew about the club thing.
  11. It's not so much a club as an emailed newsletter.

    They do run a bookclub type thing though, they hold it in Gloria Jeans every once in a while (being Chaddy, I don't know about the others). It's on a Tuesday night, once a month or something? Ask about that too :)