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Border security last night on TV

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. We missed it last night, did anyone watch it ?
    Wifey wanted to know was there a grenade in the suitcase or was it something else?

  2. No grenade. It was a metal belt buckle shaped like a grenade, with the pin and all.
  3. Speaking of Border Security, did anyone catch the new 'Border Security' Toyota 4-WD advertisement? Hilarious!!!!
  4. Yeah, it was a belt buckle.. and they confiscated it too!! How the hel can they do that, its an item of clothing, he could have just wore it next time
  5. Thanks Stu
  6. Yeah, I'd be totally pissed off it it was me.

    It actually reminds me of a story I heard a while ago where a belt buckle that looked like a gun set off a major police operation in a bank.

    Aahh, here's the link http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2007/10/19/2064095.htm
  7. So, did his pants fall down????

  8. Saw that ad before the grandfinal on sat...very funny. Best ad of the year.
  9. that show is very biased against asian people......always featured heavily
  10. Rubbish.
    There is no bias. It's called intelligence based interception.
    A HUGE percentage of intercepted drugs are from Asian countries being carried in by.........asians...........!

    And as regards the Belt buckle, there are offences around objects that look like (but are not) weapons.
    I'd be pretty peeved if I'd had to shut a large part of the airport down!
  11. Considering that a significant number of visitors come from Asian countries they would seem to be misrepresented. Considering that they also do tend to bring in a few imports of questionable quality then that is also a reason.
    You will find south Americans or those who have been there as well as Asians tend to be misrepresented on this show due to the amount of drugs coming from those areas.
  12. they seem to be over-represented, but they are also one of our major sources of tourism. Their countries also have many customs and herbal medicines that involve plants, animal parts and to some extent weapons that the consider normal and are prohibited in Australia.

    I missed it too, so was interested to hear it was a belt buckle. I would be spewing if it was me...... that's a top buckle.
  13. Bloody obvious from the ad it wasn't a handgrenade on the x-ray.

    They aren't solid lumps of metal, y'know...
  14. not really, no. I dont own all that many you see...
  15. But without bits inside it you're just throwing a heavy lump of metal at an orange people march. And where's the fun in that?
  16. Rubbish.:p

    Seen these yesterday at a large motorcycle dealer .

    Gone on thief ,pull the pin :popcorn:
  17. i once made the mistake of wearing one of those 'clever' t-shirts that merge a type of narcotic into popular brand imagery through the international terminal at Sydney.

    not the smartest idea, in hindsight, but i was at the end of a holiday and out of clean clothes. but when i saw the sign saying Border Control was filming realised my little wardrobe malfunction could get me on TV. it didn't. no camera crews to be found anywhere. i didn't get violated, or even frisked, just smart-ass cracks from two security personnel about it probably not being the best shirt to wear through an airport.

    plus, i got to literally shake hands with a drug-sniffing dog. being a dog-person, i'd bent down to say hello to the beagle as i walked past. my nagging (now ex-)girlfriend nagged me that i'm not allowed to touch them, but his handler ignored her and encouraged me to give him a pat, then made him shake paws with me. in my NRMA/MDMA shirt, i couldn't help but dig the irony of the whole situation :)
  18. Trust me there are Federal offences around carriage of dangerous items, and in this case they could be used.