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Booze Bus on Eastern FWY

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by egiste, May 14, 2006.

  1. Well after coffee tonight seany and I took a quick ride to Frankstan and back.

    When we pulled on to the eastern from hoddle, the traffic was stopped.
    The kind of stopped that you get inbound on a busy monday morning.

    We filtered through and just before the chandler we see that the fuzz have blocked most of the lanes with a booze bus on either side, leaving just the middle two lanes for traffic.

    The strange bit being that although there must have been 30 of them standing arround, lots and lots of witches hats and lights and at least two support trucks (for all the gear) and three or four pursuit cars, there was absolutlyno cars being stopped.

    I wouldn't have minded if they were actually testing people, but they were just standing around and looking at all the traffic.

    Tax dollars well spent.
  2. Oh, oh and tellem about the pyscho wanker in the blue Commodore! :rofl:

    He he, "Fuzz" :LOL: :LOL: Totaly old skool. :cool:
  3. yerrr i just went through it, was banked right back to the hairpin.
    designated driver was glad he only had a couple :)
  4. They were either setting up or packing up.

    I love it when I see them shut down entire fwy's to catch out drink drivers.

    It should happen more often
  5. Ummmm Donuts..........
  6. Yeah, It's kinda nice when you head off on a Sunday morning ride and see all the cars parked up where the booze bus has been.
  7. I've actually sat and observed a few road blocks in Chapel St many years ago (mate in the towing trade who used to get the unroadworthy customers) and it was interesting to watch peoples reaction to being inconvenienced for 5 minutes, especially when they get done for something.

    Mind you the police apply an attitude factor to how they treat you, the worse your attitude the worse it's going to be for you.