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Booze blitz nabs 1 driver every 11 minutes

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. Article from today's Age online edition

    Booze blitz nabs 1 driver every 11 minutes

    * Larissa Ham
    * April 10, 2009 - 2:12PM

    Frustrated police will turn their attentions to football fans after one drink driver was nabbed every 11 minutes during a booze bus operation around St Kilda overnight.

    Police detected 31 motorists driving over the legal limit in the first night of the Easter blitz.

    Just over 1200 drivers were tested on St Kilda Road, with 11 blowing over the limit and one refusing to be tested.

    Another booze bus in the back streets of St Kilda tested 1260 drivers, with 19 over the limit.

    Police warned football fans that they will be stepping up random breath tests throughout the Easter weekend, with operations in the city after matches at Etihad Stadium and the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

    Region 1 Traffic Inspector Greg Parr said too many motorists caught last night registered blood-alcohol content of about 0.18 - more than three times the legal limit.

    "One in 80 either didn't think or didn't care," he said.

    Four people died on Victorian roads last Easter but Inspector Parr said about 130 were seriously injured and many of those were still recovering.

    "We don't want another 100 or something people in hospital because of other people's stupidity," he said.

    Police will today focus their attention on South Yarra and Prahran.
  2. Golly!
    Imagine how many pissed drivers made it home perfectly safely from pubs where they were watching the game all over the state!
  3. its just irresponsible
    thats absolutely frightening, particularly when you consider that a reasonable portion would still be doing this on weeknights etc
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  5. But in the long run, they get a what? 6 - 12 month licence suspention and just go and do it again, then without a licence... ect... How do you stop that? Jail time?
  6. You hit the nail on the head with the current state of affairs in Victoria. Eventually multi-repeat offenders get jail. Hopefully the majority learn from their first brush with the law in this regard, but I doubt it.

    So how is it in NSW. What do you suggest the law makers do here to attempt to stop it?
  7. I have no idea, for any sensible person, the thought of going to prison for drink driving should scave off any possible repeat... I mean especally for high readings, but the people that GENERALLY Do it all the time don't care for anyone else's life or sometimes even there own. How do you stop that? Not sure you can.
  8. 0.08 and over earns yourself a court appearance. Not sure what the penalties invovled are, I try to avoid needing to know