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Booz Buses

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by imajo, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Well heading home from the spurs i decided to go through the dandenongs to get home. Well i was tipped over through a corner and was looking through the turn when DOH I see flashing lights so when i got the bike up again i was probably about 15kmph over. Im thinking sh!t nice way to end a ride.

    Anyways ended up being a random breath test. Ive been riding for 4 years now and this is the 1st one ive actually been stopped. So i was thinking god damn now i have to take my helmet off, but she just shoved that straw thing down and made me blow.

    Every time i see a booz bus they usually just wave me past - do others find this as well?
  2. yep got waved past... which was lucky as i had drunk one beer an hour or two before getting on the bike, i probably would of registered .01 on the test.

    mmmm riding down st kilda rd .01 BAC on restrictions. genius. :facepalm:

    wouldn't do that again, going past the bus was a little stressful.
    (fairly amusing that the only time i've had a beer remotely before riding i went past a booze bus, must have been a 'yeah don't do that again d**khead' sign from above.)
  3. Many years ago I had a fairly warm Z1000 and lived in Edithvale. Heading home from Mordialloc, I went over Mordialloc Creek (Via the bridge - the Zed was fast, but not that fast) and crossed the railway line onto whatever the street is called that runs parallel with the railway line. Big handful of throttle coming out of the corner, rear wheel spinning, front wheel starting to lift, booze bus three hundred metres down the road. Oops.
    I was waved in, the lady copper who tested me said "Having fun?" and I was on my way.
    I have also been tested whilst part of a funeral cortege. I wasn't amused.
  5. yep I've been pulled over before while riding, they didn't make me take my helmet off, just asked me to blow into the straw thing then waved me on.
  6. the one and only time i have been tested, they made me take my helmet off :(
  7. If it was a male copper he probably wanted to see what you looked like under the helmet :wink:

    Or maybe wanted to embarrass you by exposing your "Helmet Hair" in public :LOL:
  8. How can they perform a proper license check unless you take off your helmet? (fullface type)
  9. nice conspiracy theory there... it was a bloke :shock:

    mine was just a breath test not lice check.

    haha lice checks need helmets off too ;)
  10. they would only need to do a licence check if you registered between 0.00 and 0.05...so you don't need to take it off until they tell you to.
  11. I've been waved through about 3 or 4 times on the bike so i just click it into 6th and try to keep the noise level down a bit so they don't have an excuse to call me over :(
  12. Can I ask why they are called buses? There is no bus from what I have seen of them.
  13. That depends on where you live. In NSW they *always* check your licence when they pull you over, in fact even before they test you. I've been stopped several times both driving and riding, including one time by a random police car - they weren't even doing checks on the side of the road, the car just followed me on the road, waved me over and gave me the test. It was around 3:30 am on a weekend though - the cop said, "you're up late?' - I just gave her a shrug and the looks that I hoped said ' So f****n what?, I'm all grown up'. As it happens, I wasn't up late, I was up early and heading for work...

    The one time I got stopped on the bike, I saw the lights flashing down the road - I didn't have any reason to worry, but I didn't want the hassle so I thought I'd be smart and take a turn into a side street - and there was another cop car, without so many flashing lights and much harder to spot. So be careful, they can be clever in their own special way :)
  14. In Vic they can do a license check anytime.

    I found it a bit stupid when a SA cop pulled two of us up for speeding 130 in a 110 zone (Lucky he didn't get us 500m further back :shock: ) asked for our licenses, booked my mate as he was in front, but did not ask us to remove helmets and check that we were actually the people on the licenses. :LOL:
  15. Ohhhh... so your supposed to stop when they waive their arms frantically??? ............ I thought it just meant, danger ahead. LOL
  16. yeah that's a bit wierd.
    Esp since when I got pulled over for being in a bus lane, and was starting to take my gloves off, the cop said "please take your helmet off"...which I was about to do, soon as my gloves were off.
  17. i've seen actual busses at breath testing units..they do the blood tests on em.
  18. I've only been stopped once & waved through at least 10 to 15 times.

    Once I pulled up and starting take my gloves & helemt off. Th cop said" Ah don't worry about i"and waved me through.
  19. 3 weeks ago I got breath tested 3 times within 5 days and a full licence check for 2 of them. The only times I have been tested on a bike. I even got to keep the plastic thing on the last one.
  20. i've been waved through 3 times for last two years and i'm still on my restriction :LOL: :LOL:
    from my experience, never try to get away from booze bus just try your luck by ride through it.
    we all know the concenquences, if you wanna get a drink or two you gotta be ready for the risks.