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BOOYAH!! Countdown has started! Metallica 1 week 1 day!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mischiefmaka, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. Seen the boys a few times b4 and they are one of the best live acts around so im super excited to be going again \m/\m/, anyone else here going on sat in melb?
    Lars is wicked.:beer:

  2. Saw them last night in Sydney and the were a billion times better than when I saw them at Rod Laver in approx 1998. Back there they seemed tired, over it and it was a case of going through the motions where as this time. *BOOM* The set was greatwith a bit of everything, they didn't go overboard with the FX and they sounded tight. I have to say that the addition of Rob on bass is phenomenal and gives them a deliciously fat sound again.

    For a rating I definitely give them a 5 ringing ears out of 5!
  3. Is that the guy they got after st anger was released?

    I would have loved to have gone to see them, but a combination of lack of funds and exam period made the decision for me. What did they play?
  4. Monday night in Adelaide, can't wait.
  5. Melbourne, Thursday...
    Should make it the third time I've seen James and the boys :)

    I feel old, the first time was '89 and I was in high school :(
  6. Yeah thanks for that Mick, I'd say that was the year I seen them as a 25yo father of two. *mutter* and he feels old *grumble*

    He's the one Lilley. Robert Trujillo, ex Suicidal Tendencies and Ozzy Osbourne Band hired because he's a finger bassist, like the late great Cliff Burton, a freak on stage and an all round great bloke.
    So as not to spoil it for those yet to go I won't divulge too much because international acts don't change their set list too much as song choices are like lines in a play in that they act as prompts for the crew.
    I will say that the first four albums were well represented, their hits got played and they slipped in a cover track, which may well be the thing that they change each night, I think there was only one track off Death Magnetic which could be seen as a shame but it didn't break my heart as I'm rather old school anyway lol.
  7. So no one going on sat?
    Will be my 3rd time seeing them also ( 1st time in this country tho )

    Just about everyone i know is going so it should be an awesome night \m/\m/
  8. I wish I was going! Rock on SJ!
  9. SJ? Who the hell is SJ?
  10. Just a pedantic point, Rob was already the bass player for St Anger - check out the session videos in 'Some Kind Of Monster'.
  11. That would be mischiefmaka. They're one and, as a gemini, possibly but unlikely to be the same and so says both of me :D
  12. This fits with my understanding that producer Bob Rock was actually the recorded bassist.
  13. that be me :D
  14. I stand corrected. :D
  15. Thursday night ticket holders getting excited?

    Im like a little kid in a candy store ATM, been waiting for almost 2 years to see Metallica again, roll on Saturday!

    Now...Just have to find myself some soundwave tickets so i can get my fill of Stonesour and ill be the happiest puppy in town!
  16. Saw them in Oct in Melb for their first show of the tour and it was f*&king awesome!!
  17. I went back in September, Awesome night
  18. Wow what a fantastic weekend of mayhem.

    The gig was amazing ( as expected ) the sounds and atmosphere was thumping=D> we had pretty good seats ( not that anyone sat in them) but we had a great view and were pretty close to the stage.

    I was lucky enough to meet all the boys apart from kirk, Lars was the one i was wanting to meet anyway so i was pretty happy with that, they were all very mellow and relaxed, James is very soft spoken which was a surprise,
    Lars..totally insane and loves his fans and Rob was so laid back he actually came over to us instead of us going over to him.

    ( this was on the sunday so i was totally hung over)
    myself and Rob
    Myself and Lars