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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by carri27, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. regularly

  2. occassionally

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  3. never

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  4. my bike boots are so comfy i wear them to bed

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  1. ok, possibly for the first time ever, i wore sneakers on my bike today. i was heading into 'parklife' and figured i could cable my jacket and helmet to the bike but damned if i was gonna try to dance in bike boots. so with no place to stash my boots, or attach them to the bike somehow, i made the monumental decision to just wear sneakers.

    as it turns out, 'parklife' was booked out, so as any good woman should do under those circumstances, i shopped. well, i actually didn't buy anything other than a coffee and the paper but the point is that i wandered through the city, window shopping and checking stuff out all in the luxurious comfort of my sneaker-clad feet. a part of me never wants to wear boots again.

    soooo, do you ever wear sneakers? or is there such a thing out there as bike boots you can walk, jog and dance in?

  2. After getting gently tapped in the tunnel on the way to WSBK back in march, and suffering a badly bruised ankle(black in a matter of days),
    I will never ride without boots. My boots are comfy enough to wear all day, I shop in them all the time, although I've never danced in them I suspect they would be ok.

    For me, it's just not worth the risk.
  3. RJays "Speed" boot.
    Ankle length, synthetic, light weight, fairly cheap and comfy.
    BUT, I suspect not really much chop for serious protection.
    (Better than a sneaker, tho').
  4. I often ride to work in sneakers... my boots get too hot on warms days when walking about.
  5. I wear my runners if I am just riding around town here, so nothing more than 60kmh, I figure I'm just as protected as when I'm riding my pushy around at these speeds. If I'm going on the fwy I always wear my boots.

    Oxtar used to make a boot that was just like a basket shoe, over the ankle, but stronger and better protection than regular shoes. There's quite a few around if you have a look.
  6. +1 for the Rjays speedboot
    not much shin protection at all but definitely some ankle protection.
    They look like basketball gym boots. and you can wear them comfortably all day.
    Not for hard core riding tho.
  7. I enjoy wearing my boots for the kink factor.
  8. I wore sneakers for the first day of Q Ride, and then bought a pair of Giani Falco Biker boots, that I wore around for 2 days before my next Q Ride. So comfy that I hate to take them off!
  9. I wear my lace up above ankle, steel capped, leather work boots just about all the time when riding.

    In the mornings on the way to work, it's funny watching all the bikes at tradesman hour all wearing their work boots.

    As for runners, I had a blat up and down McCarrs creek road loop this arvo in the runners and it just didn't "feel" right.

    I say bring in steel capped, ankle high, sheepskin lined, waterproof runners :LOL: :LOL:
  10. I wore my Alpine Stars to my wedding and thereforeI have danced in them. :)

    While wearing shoes, having my foot dragged underneath my bike and loosing a fair amount of skin on the road, I now never ride without boots now.
  11. These were my first boots and still have them. THey are better than runners as you say, but under real pressure would they hold up ?? Have a look at alpinestars roam waterproof boot.. :grin:
  12. Another very versatile boot.. :) Also take a look at www.setupaustralia.com/ they are selling out and quite a few of us from NR have purchased.. :grin:
  13. Hmm, they don't look half bad!
  14. I always wear Doc Martens 8 hole boots. It's mainly about ankle protection and keeping the footwear on during an accident. They've performed great in the few times I've come off. They also don't look too bad :roll: so I can get away with them while wearing a suit. At least no-one has commented. Yet. They are also quite comfortable.
    Oh and I am actually Dr Martin T, so that helps too :grin:

    I've found on the very rare occasion where I've forgotten to change and are wearing sneakers on the bike I actually feel quite exposed. When I used to dance, I'd bring my sneakers and change there.
  15. I have had teh front slip out from me once from hitting a white line, and once from gravel
    I had had the bike dip in on rounderbouts a fiew times when I hit a flat spot in the revs...
    In all cases a quick tap on the ground brought the bike up and saved me from a low side.

    One of my pairs of boots still carries a huge grind mark from one of these taps. and a lot of them have been done with the toe...
    I would have hated to have tried that in anything other than proper boots.
  16. I wear my daytona boots all the time. They are pretty comfy for short walks but I haven't been through a summer yet...

    As my instructor said, "wear what you feel comfortable falling off in".

    EDIT: I seem to recall a recent thread that contained a video of a guy stacking whilst attempting a wheelie. He was only wearing sneakers and they basically flew straight off...
  17. Paul, didn't I show you the seams on my boot (roam)after my tunnel incident :shock: they don't hold up as well as I had of hoped :(

    I will take a pic and post it up.
  18. My husband swears by his Yakka Striker boots - thick soles, leather upper, above the ankle, and steel capped - comes in so handy when a car door gets too close!! And only $80.00 at K Mart