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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by MadPillion, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. He's gone through the side from changing gear.. they were vinyl I think..
    Does anyone have any recommendations??

  2. funnypost.
    Yeah, repost something that makes sense :LOL:
  3. Lol.. yep on a reread it's pretty bad..

    He's got a hole in the side of his boot near the toes - looks like its split.. I think changing gear has done it..
    They were only cheap vinyl boots..
    Can anyone recommend a type of boot??
  4. That's pretty piss poor even for a second attempt :LOL:

    Price range? Expectations?
    I assume you are "his" pillion??
  5. I agree lol

    Who is "he"?
    What are the boots for?

    If he is a person, and not the four legged creature in your avatar, and if he is needing a boot to ride motorised 2-wheeled vehicles with, then I suggest a motorcycle-type boot. There are many good brands researching and manufacturing suitable motorcycle apparel today. Try (but don't limit to) Dainese, Alpinestar, Oxtar, Sidi and you should find a suitable item for the application. Consult your local motorcycle store for more information.
  6. i can only assume u are refering your cat in the pic has damaged his boots, no-one else seems to be around, so without previously giving implication of who "he" is, im gonna go with the nearest possible thing :)

    i personally recommend a pair of these

    mmmm... ginger :grin:
  7. hahaha dont tell me thats a dog in ur pic, madpillion?

    baaahaha sh!t.
  8. ha, I had t look twice but it's definitely a dog.
    maybe a smaller fitting boot would be more appropriate.
    I think alpinestar make some casual sneaker style boots that might be suitable.

    Rossi Replica boots might also be suitable. I think he wears Dainese??
  9. Well as this thread is clearly about boots for dogs NOT cats (no dog in his rite mind would wear those ginger monstosities) what about a set of Bark'n Bootsâ„¢

    Or if you like the natural dog look what about some 'Fido Fleece Dog Booties ' made from real Fido Fleece (poor Fido :? ) dog_boot_final.
  10. Okay - take 3..

    We are both human.. he is a motorcyclist and I am his pillion.. He rides a Honda CBR1000F.. It's painted red and looks butt ugly but it's still two wheels..

    The avatar is my dog who doesn't like the motorbike.. its a girl.. she does look strange but she is a good companion like most kelpies are..

    I need advice on a pair of boots for the motorcyclist..
    His shoe size is mens 10..
  11. lol. c'mon. you seriously have not gone any further.
    put your other half on. clearly this is too much for you :)

    riding boots are not like high heels, each style actually serves a different purpose. [flame suit on]. :p :p
  12. Okay.. I didn't know I needed lessons in writing essays to post on an open forum..

    I just want advice on a good pair of motorcycle boots.. and I don't wear high heels!!
  13. what kind of riding does he do?
    mostly weekend cruises, daily commute, race track junkie, or does he enjoy lots of touring? Are you looking for top end protection? Do you want something more comfy suitable for walking a fair distances too? Do you have a budget?
    I could recommend Sidi Race style boots, but not knowing anything about the rider or what style of riding he does it's probably a bad recommendation.

    MP you don't deserve a grilling but you haven't made it easy for any one to make suggestions.
  14. We're just taking the piss :LOL:
    There is a thread in this forum area about BMW Sneaker 2s. These shoes have a protective rubber layer over the toe of the left shoe where you change gears. That will prevent his previous problem reoccuring. If he just rides around the city these are perfect (and cheap).

    You *really* need to define your rider.
    Does he race, does he just commute, does he go on long touring rides, etc. Is he on a poor man's budget, is he made of millions, or would you kick his ass if he spent a million $ on boots.
  15. It's a pity that you don't wear hight heels. I think first of all we should start with your budget. Second is what kind of style you are after.
  16. He mostly rides his bike around town but does some long distance riding (100+km) and occasionally from here to Adelaide (500+km).. I'd be willing to spend about $200..

    Preferably something easy to walk in as well..
    His foot size is size 10 in regular shoes..

    Apologies for not making sense..
  17. $200 is going to really limit you to bottom line type boots. With that said the new Dririder touring boot just released this year looks good for $200.
  18. Exactly.. Madpillion you really must understand that the left is for changing gears and the right is for breaking.

    As the boot split problem is a result of gear shifts, then I suggest you look for a pair with more heavily reinforced left boot than right. Personally I prefer the right boot to be more robust, so I'm waiting on a new pair of Oxtar Rightmax boots to come in.

    Good luck finding the boot that's right for 'him' :grin:
  19. Many thanks for the info.. :p Its from the gear change..

    Looking for something with reinforced toes..
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