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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by dastrix, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. I tried on the Sidi Vertigos yesterday and noticied the Vertigo Air also. Would perforated be ok for winter months around Sydney? It can get quite cold!

    Am I also right in saying 42 is US 10.5? Would these boots give a little bit?

  2. Hey I'm looking at the Sidi Vertigos too.

    Why would you want the air version? If you get caught out in a shower your nice boots will get all wet and uncomfortable.

    The normal Vertigos have an air intake on the side which can be opened and closed. This should be enough to keep you cool and in the winter you can slide the vent closed.

    Are you going to be buying these from overseas? I am considering due to our now good exchange rates to the USA however I think postage would be a killer.
  3. Go for a all weather boot that is comfortable to walk around in, if you have to do a bit of walkin that is.

    I use to have 2 sets of boots for summer and winter and did get caught out a few time these days I just have the one set of all purpose boots, Rossi 811 vision.

    Sure they don't look like a Roll Royce but they are great.

    Ride to Survive
  4. I don't think so I have size 41 sidi's and theyz only US 7.5 I'd check the charts if i were you
  5. Hmm, ok my sizing is out!

    Ok, so no perforated due to weather - good idea.

    Mega Gore Vertigos look better, water proof! Going to buy from the US yes, dollar is great at the moment :)
  6. dastrix can you let me in on where you are buying and what type of postage cost they are offering?
  7. nightgash, I'm yet to decide on model but it will be some random US based store like kneedraggers or something or other...

    No secret but ill let you know..