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  1. thinking about getting a pair of boots for riding, instead of just sneakers.

    but i've absolutely no idea where to start looking.

    Mostly i'll be commuting, and going for the occasional spirited ride around.
  2. http://www.gaerne.com/
    i have a few year old pair of gaerne boots...quite comfortable to walk around in but i'm sure most boots are...perhaps have a look at http://mcas.com.au/ for some idea's then pop into your local bike store and try some on to make sure they're the right fit for you (then if cheaper you can buy all means just buy them from oversea's once you've found what you want in the shops...but i spose buying from o/s isn't Always the cheapest option)
  3. 2 goals with boots

    1. they can't be pulled off your foot without properly undoing them first
    2. they have protection around your ankle so that if you fell over and your bike landed on top of your ankle, it wouldn't be smashed to 100 pieces

    When you're trying some on, make sure it has good ankle articulation - ie you can move your foot up and down to operate brake and gear levers.

    If you commute in all weather, consider a pair that are waterproof.

    Can't see where you are located, but Mars Leather in Melbourne has some affordable boots. Other than that, go to a shop and try on a few pairs till you figure out what size you are, then you can go internet shopping.

    Boots are a wise choice, especially for commuting when you're running with the bulls. Good move.
  4. Aldi are havind a sale on the 11th, have a look!!
  5. Yeah I would also suggest a good pair of touring boots - if you're commuting and likely to wear the boots around for at least some of the time, the sporty/racing type ones:
    1. can make you look a bit of a tool
    2. Are not the most comfortable things to walk around in.

    Other than that if you want a pair of boots that offer some (limited) protection but also passable to wear in an office environment, the Rossi 814 and 811 are worth a look, they are actaully a very comfortable boot to wear all day, not too pricey and aussie made.
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  7. Hmm..they look purty awsum!
  8. My new boots.

    My old boots were AlpineStar Web - got 50,000kms out of them before I wore through the sole, also very happy with them.
  9. I have alpinestar fx gtx boots. super comfy, waterproof and breathable. Would recommend
  10. Those Dianese boots look like the goods, not cheap though.
  11. I bought these 5 years ago when I started riding...I still use them today and oddly enough I have used them when racing too (which everyone did not recommend...seeing as I am a tight arse I just used them anyway).


    In the 5 years, they have seen a total of 3 crashes...all on the track (2 low sides and an "over the handle forward double tuck flip with a back slap on bitumen landing" ~80km.hr). No injuries in any of those crashes to my legs fortunately and in my double flip performance, the only damage was the bottom sole of one of the boots came undone at the tip. The only concern with this was that it wasn't water proof, so I just silicone glued it back...now it is sort of waterproof again.

    It is comfortable to ride and walk in. Ankle is secured nice and tight and you can tuck your kevlar jeans in or put it over the boots without worries. The racing leathers tuck inside without issue either. Overall...money well spent IMO.

    How much did you pay for that?
  12. Gum boots, have a look at the sidi range they are the most comfortable boots around.
  13. I have the AlpineStars SMX-5, the waterproof model. They are super comfortable and I don't feel like a tool wearing them off the bike. They have help up in massive downpours and I would be confident in their water holding ability in any weather.

    They have also held together well, no signs of any wear or damage, top boot and strongly recommended.
  14. The Webs were about $300, the Dainese Fulcrums about the same.
  15. I must admit, I like the Sidi range, however they were much dearer than my current ones. I am in need of a new pair soon, and probably will be getting something in the Sidi range if money allows.
  16. anything with sidi written on it is the best
  17. thanks so much for the recommendations guys, ill drop into mcas and try some on
  18. i have to say boots are the most important piece of gear

    (unless you fall off)
  19. I've been using a pair of Alpinestar SX5's for 3+ years without any problems. very good quality finish and offer very good protection. The heel section of the soles are getting quite thin but that because I'm inclined to wander around in 'em too much.

    Looking to replace them sometime in the near future with a pair of Sidi ST's which I'll be ordering from the states (I already know my size). Locally they want $AUD600 (on special) but OS they are $US400 which although I'm all for supporting local business, 50% plus mark-up seems greedy.