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Boots with feel ??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Traviss, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. Ive been looking for new boots, cost is not the problem its feel..Why is it all the boots today have thick hard as soles ,they feel like dirt bike boots..
    I use rear brake a little but i cant feel it anymore and the presure I put on it seems all wrong as my foot wont work with it stuffed in plastic sides and the hard soles..
    Does anyone make a decent boot with a thin bottom or has anyone go a sugestion as how to improve the ones on the market atm..

  2. sidi vertigo or veloce or whatever they're called now.
    i've had a pair of sidi stivali vertigo corsa tortellini canneloni or something, for maybe 6 years i think... had them re-soled once and they need it done again.
    but dose'nt mattaaa... these boots a justa improve with age, mumma mia, perfecto.

    nothing comes close to sidi, accept no substitutes.
  3. Beet with feel help you shift by feeeeeeeeeeeel
  4. i ogt recommened a* smx5's for walking ability, but turns out they're really good for feel too. i use the rear brake too and it feels as good as wearing work boots. they seem like decent protection too.

    i dont know your budget, but for relatively cheap, i'm happy.
  5. Ducati. Nuff said.

  6. How the hell do I put a pair of ducati's on...
    My air compressor has 2 cylinders does that make it a ducati its 14hp so it cant be a HD..:rofl::rofl:
  7. My cheapo $99 AMX boots (Xtreme brand) feel pretty damn good -- almost as comfy as regular shoes. And I've already crash tested at a low speed getoff, and they held up fine. My Sidi Vertebraes, on the other hand, have pretty damn hard soles indeed.

    However, as track/hard sport riding requires a lot more shifting between sides of your foot, harder soles provide better support & puts less strain on your feet/body while you do all that moving.

    ...Or so they say, anyway. :?
  8. agree my alpinestar smx are great , can wear all day no probs
  9. Alpine Stars Warning Incoming

    Have you seen the "Diadora" style boots?

    Notice their design?

    Recently a lot of these designs have entered the market under different brands, and I can tell you, they are all SHIT. The boots are ****ing terrible.

    I've had my Diadoras since I started riding 12-18 months ago. They squeak like ****ing mad, the leather is shit, the internals are uncomfortable, the base of the boot is made of a poor quality rubber and they are just plain terrible to wear. A waste of $320 that should have been put toward a pair of Sidi's; I just picked up a pair of close-out sale Vortice Vertigo boots for the same amount, wish I knew of the availability of them back then.

    Alpine stars is now using the "base design" of the Diadora boot in many of their new lines

    They can be recognised from a mile away and are just plain rubbish.

    I have no doubt they would protect you in an accident, but they are very uncomfortable. Stay away from A*'s until they get their act together on their boots and pay attention to the other brands starting to pickup on the mass produce diadora crap.
  10. lucky for me my a stars are awesome and not uncomfortable at all
  11. if cost is no option, then i hear all good things about Sidi Vortice.
    but also, i wear and recommend something like the Dainese Axial Race.
    similar protection to all the top line boots plus as they're designed to be worn under the leg of the leather pants, they easily slide under jeans/pants and dont look too much like a storm trooper when you dont want to.

    because of the ankle pivot thing they're easy to walk in.
    i wouldn't be doing any marathons in 'em but compared the the level of protection while riding and unobtrusive look off the bike, they're a goer.