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boots...who wears them all day?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by damo03, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Hi. Im looking at getting my first pair of "dedicated" motorcycle boots...my previous pair being a pair of army steel capped boots that got stolen yesterday...Anyway, I was thinking a pair of waterproof / water resistant boots, perhaps the rjays h20 design as my budget is fairly tight.

    I am wondering who wears these style of boots all day? I have alot of long classes at uni and am wondering how comfortable motorcycle boots are for long hours sitting down and walking around? I used to take a pair of bundstones / sneakers to change into (as the steel caps were uncomfortable) but that is alot of extra stuffing around.

    If people can let me know how they go it that would be great.



  2. I wear mine all day.. if I go out and I'm not riding I find myself wearing them anyway. Mine are 'falco' boots, the retail for $199. The zipper design isn't great (it wont break but its sometimes annoying to do up) and the velcro is rubbish (I'll probably replace this myself but it hasn't bothered me for my almost year of ownership).

    I tried some $120 boots but they were a waste of time and I took about 4 of them back (they kept giving me a new one) as they fell apart.

    For the money there isn't much better unless you get stuff on sale or online. Someone linked an aus boot that looked pretty good for under $150. My advice is go try some boots on, remember the model and size, then ebay it lol.

    edit: btw I'm a uni student so I do the 40-50 commute each way, at uni for several hours. Also I wear them at work (desk job) without any comfort issues. Walking distances is not a problem, just don't wear ankle socks without any elastic left in them or you'll go crazy).
  3. i wear mine all day in an office environment. they might look a bit stupid but what do i care what my co-workers think about my shoes??
  4. yes i do from time to time....mine are gaerne boots, very comfy and offer good protection around ankle/shins and also has toe sliders :)
  5. I ride to work in all the gear, but then have a change of clothes,, incl shoewear at work. :wink:
  6. Yep, I've also got a pair of G.IKE Black Gaerne boots and they are excellent. They are similar to the Puma Desmo boots, but the ankle support is a tad better, they were $150 cheaper, at $299, and they are great quality Italian boots (and look better, too).

    Here they are on http://www.gaerne.com/


    I looked at all sorts of hybrid boots that might be okay to wear all day, but in the end I found the high shin boots much more appropriate. These aren't hardcore racetrack boots, but they do have toe sliders and far better ankle support.

    I am glad I went with proper boots. Would definately buy Gaerne again. Probably get the G.RS boots when I eventually hit the track next year.
  7. Yea I have been wearing Gaerne boots all day for about 2 years they are fine once you get used to them.
  8. I wear Rossi's, comfortable to walk around in all day, waterproof and look like normal boots. Also Aussie made.
  9. when I'm at uni I wear the boots, when I'm in the office I swap to proper shoes.

    Depends on the situation I guess
  10. i bought a pair of dri rider touring boots a couple of months ago,waterproof $159 they are comfortable but i don't wear them all day.
  11. I agree with Phizog and reccomend you ebay it up.......although at the same time i like the idea of supporting the local bike shop......but neways i got a pair of alpinestar boots for 140.....not sure wat model or nething but they are comfortable and i even wear them wen not riding cause they're so warm :p
  12. I do! AlpineStar Effex touring boots.
  13. Mine are Motodry ... somethings. They were $100 - $120-ish at ... that scooter place on Elizabeth St - a few doors South of the Yamaha dealer. I think that if I tried, I could probably make those last two sentences even more vague.

    They're comfortable enough to leave on all day, unless I've been in heavy rain - they get soaked, despite the name.

    When I ride to work I'm probably about 70/30 on leaving my boots (& draggins) on all day, versus changing into office shoes & pants.

    If I ride somewhere where I'd be in jeans anyway then I just leave the boots on.
  14. I have a pair of dri rider water proof something or others.

    I wear them all day a fair bit but remember a water proof boot won't breath at all. I normally carry a pair of thongs in my bag and swap to them to let my feet dry out abit.
  15. I have a pair of the OXTAR (now some other name) gortex boots, they are a sort of cross over boot, off/on road, had them about 2 years, almost warn out, used them all day, every day, riding, Tango danceing, 'evening' activities'.... not much I have yet to do in them,.. very comfy cheers al
  16. I have a pair of "Fusport" boots which I would wear pretty much anywhere. I wouldn't recommend them though - I've only had them for about 2 years and I have had to get them repaired twice already. They're stuffed again so now I've ordered some Ducati boots to replace them.
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  18. I wear my Ridge Waterproof's all day:

    It was a pain in the ass for me because I have a size 14 and a high instep, so I wanted something shoe-like but full leather and enclosed for wet weather and the Setup's I had where not enclosed. So when they shit-themselves I found these and happen to be comfortable enough to wear all day in the office and still have awesome protection. I wish I was wearing these when I dropped the ZReX on my foot and not stupid Globe's.
  19. Yep, wear my boots all day at work in the office, and half the time when i'm out of the house anyway! They're more comfortable than my normal shoes or my steelcaps!