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Boots which of these two and why?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Bosco, May 29, 2008.

  1. I'm looking at getting a pair of riding boots,

    Which would you pick over these 2:




    Any disadvantages to not having a full boot? Or should I just spend the extra $$ and get the full boot and have more use out of it later (if any?)

  2. I would get the full boot if you are going to buy boots. The extra protection for the shin is worth it. Can you imagine a slow low side slide and bashing your shin against a sign post. :shock: :shock: :shock:
  3. +1 Matt !
  4. Definitely the top one. If only for the fact that they'll go perfectly with your Thriller costume :grin:

  5. Definately the Supertechs for reasons stated above but hey if you like the Stormtrooper look :wink:
  6. Stormtroopers get all the girls :D
  7. Some can get guys as well.
  8. Aww shucks I think I just broke my light sabre :oops:
  9. I recently bought the Supertechs, and I love them. They are by far the most comfortable boot I have ever worn; the bottie-within-the-boot concept is fantastic and if the technical description is true it also makes them safer.
    I only wear them on track though - or for a longer weekend fang; for the streets I have a pair of booties (Falco), which I'm also extremely happy with. But now that I see the Alpinestar booties I want a pair of those too. Who sells them?

    (You can never have too much riding gear :))
  10. I'd rather go for style and comfort. These fit the bill for me 8-[


  11. its really comfy i have a pair. protects from all the colds and your toes do not get stuck on the pegs. and protects u up to the shin area also.

    i recomment
  12. Shin protection's a must for me - esp. after breakin my heel whilst wearing touring boots with little offer of protection - and was esp. thankful to be wearing my Sidi's after my off...had I not been wearing them would hate to imagine what my left leg would've looiked like considering the gear shift dug a hole across the lower leg shin area of my cordura pants.
  13. try the boot on at a shop then jump on ebay to purchase ..

    you can get a pair of alpinestar smx4's for $250 aud

    but i guess if you have the money.. a pair of full boots is the better option of the two:)
  14. In Melbourne we prefer the term bogan! :cool:
  16. I'd get the second one if I was wearing knee guards, cos the knee guards usually have shin protectors anyway. Well my ones do anyway.

    However the first one would be much safer option if your doing more serious riding vs daily commute.