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Boots - waterproof or not

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by rb, May 2, 2006.

  1. I'm looking at getting some boots, which will be worn for commuting, weekend rides - basically everything. I've tried on a heap of different brands, and the ones I've found most comfortable have been Alpinestars
    So the question is, should I go for waterproof boots, or pay the same price to get (probably??) better protection in a non-waterproof boot?
    If you want to have a look at the boots I'm thinking about, try here for waterproof boots, or here for the others.
    I'm open to other suggestions...

  2. What kind of riding do you do?
    Most waterproof boots are definitely sweatier than non-waterproof, even the goretex ones. If you only ride on nice days it's an extra discomfort for nothing.
    However, since you're even considering w/proof, it's a fair bet you ride in the rain sometimes, yeah?
    I HATE cold, wet feet...
  3. $60 US for shipping to OZ :shock:
  4. My suggestion for boots is along the lines of the trick I use for gloves: regular boots + a pair of cheap and nasty (yet waterproof) rubber over-boots when it gets wet! Cheap and effective solution.
    Combine with rainproof oversuit on top of your riding gear for slightly daggy-looking perhaps, but fully waterproof outfit!

    Where the water often gets in is where the garments join, for example, if you tuck the leg of your pants inside the boot, water will drip in no matter how waterproof the gear itself might be. And if you put the pants over the boot, wind might still drive the water in. But layers like this give you double protection: riding pants into the boot, overpants over the riding boot, rubber boot over the overpants! With a set up like this, you could practically go diving.
  5. Well RB depends on a few things I suppose, first silly question Will you be riding in the rain?

    Now don't laugh lots of people I know only ride when the weathers good, but seeing you live in Canberra :p

    I commute about 3 hours per day and got a pair of Alpinestar Goretex lined boots and have been caught in the rain quite a few times on the way home and all I can say is they rock.

    You can lose up to 70% of body heat from your feet, head and hands so Wet feet are cold feet

    Oh I wear latex gloves under my leather ones, works pretty good as long as it is not to cold. :wink:
  6. i highly recommend the waterproof alpine stars.

    I bought a pair a few years ago and i wear them everyday. more comfortable than all my shoes too lol
  7. I too find waterproof boots too hot and sweaty.

    I have a more breathable boot that if the top of them is covered with waterproof pants, it stops rain going in through the calf bits - bone dry, no water leaks in the sides at the zips or anything.

    Waterproof overboots are a good addition too.

    The way I see it, i ride 90% in the dry anyway, and it's easier to rug up in winter than it is to try and stay cool in summer.
  8. Thanks for the help so far. :)
    While I won't deliberately go out for a ride if it's pissing down, I use the bike for daily commuting so some days do get a bit wet. Also longer trips (like when I'm headed home to the folk's place down the coast), if it's wet I'll have to ride anyway.
    I hadn't thought about overboots, didn't know they existed. Do you mean something like these?
    On a slightly different topic, the local bike shops have got DriRider and other brand one-piece waterproof overalls for about $100. Does anyone use one of these? They seem too cheap to work, I'm used to hiking gear where a jacket alone will cost upwards of a couple hundred.
  9. I have Drytex boots not quite as dry as they say so
    I went to woolworths and bought a tin of fabric protector sprayed boots and now they are water proof works a treat and is cheap !! :grin:
  10. I have some Daytona brand "waterproof" boots.
    Found out riding back from a snowy ride in pouring rain that they arent :( they leak through the stitching holes in the frount.

    Might as well just get normal boots and stick your feet inside plastic bags when you have a long trip in the wet. Boots will still leak, but your socks and feet will stay dry :grin:
  11. If your gonna tuck your pants inside your boots why not go all the way and tuck in your t/shirt too :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. my next boot i will be getting water proof ones as u never know in melb
    ive been caught 3 times in rain and both times i feet got wet...
    and not nice having wet socks at work
    :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Hmmm :? Bit dodgy paying for waterproof boots if they aren't actually waterproof.
  14. Yep that's why they often say "water resistant" :grin:
  15. I have Dririder waterproof boots.
    They were good for a couple of months - now they aren't. :(

    a friend has alpinestar gortex, and they seem pretty good.
  16. A can of 'Dubbin' (used for horse tack), and a lot of elbow grease, will waterproof any boots. Hell, use enough of the stuff and it'll waterproof your socks............
  17. Yup. I actually meant things you can get in some supermarkets or gardening stores, but these will do just as well.

    Oh yes, they work. They are quite waterproof; the reason they are so cheap is because waterproofing is all they do; the hiking gear is supposed to keep you warm while wicking away the sweat as well. With these DriRider things it is in fact quite possible to get wet from your own sweat inside, because they do not let any air in! But they certainly keep the rain out.
  18. Thanks cb250goespop, that's been helpful. I might look at getting some 'normal' boots then, and deal with the waterproofing part when I get to it. Probably 95% of the time is dry anyway.

    Dubbin is great stuff, I use heaps of it on my walking boots, and they stay dry inside after days of wandering through puddles and mud.
  19. maybe you could tell me where do you get this Dubbin? I've never heard of it, and I've never had much to do with horses :)
  20. my $0.02 - i have a pair of Alpine stars and recently rode through a downpour for a good 20mins at highway speed. Bone dry. I wore a pair of quilted Motoline Waterproof pants over my jeans. [Jeans were tucked into boots].

    the only place i got wet was back of the neck when a few drops escaped. *shiver*

    dubbin is great but it really only protects the material. water can still get through in the seams and other joints, esp around the tongue [if it does not connect up to the shin].

    so i would keep that in mind. waterproofing is not only about the material but also the seams and joints.