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Boots :: touring or race

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by im.on.it, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. I was wondering if anyone has had some experience with touring boots and the protectioin they offer compared to race boots.

    I've been riding for 2 days. Yes, I know I shouldn't be riding in sneakers, but I'm having trouble deciding on boots. Perhaps you could help me get safe.

    I've tried on both sports/race and touring style boots and have so far found A* SMX to be the most comfy. Touring style boots in A*, Dririder, RJays and Gaerne seem to be flimsy and offer the same protection as a pair of doc martins might. I'm really looking for stories of your touring boots saving your feet to convince me that they are safer than a pair of docs.

    I know that touring boots generally offer more waterproofing than race boots, and supposedly more comfort. but I failed to find a really good fit so far. The best fit so far would be the smx @$450ish. A bit out of reach for me right now, and I won't be doing any track days (see riding experience above)

    And I understand that race boots are not really made for wearing the whole day riding and walking around a bit. I only had the A* SMX on for about 5 mins in the shop but they felt like second skin and secure as. If I had the moola they'd already be mine.

    Thanks, your opinions and advice will sink in eventually.
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  3. $400 pair of alpinestar touring boots. Toe sliders :LOL: sif they will ever get scratched. Gore-tex liner.
    Comfortable, dry, comfortable.......did I mention how great they feel and how comfortable they are?
    You can wear them all day at Philip Island and forget you had them on.

    How well they protect in a crash? Don't know, not really interested in fiding out.

    They are comfortable boots though ;)
  4. I've got a pair of alpinestars touring boots as well, the "Effex Goretex" model I think. They are really comfortable, look like a normal pair of shoes under jeans, and can be worn around all day. Only downside is they might be a bit hot in summer, but I can always carry some flip flops. :LOL:
    I debated the whole race vs touring protection things, and decided that comfort and versatility were more important to me. The boots I've got have still got some armor/ protection built in, and having high leather boots has got to be a hell of a lot better than joggers at the end of the day anyway.
  5. If it's just protection you are after buy a pair of off road motorcross boots.

    Far supeior to road boots IMO.

    You could go to war in some of them. :LOL:
  6. got the same (or similar) boots and will attest to everthing said above.

    i was once hit by a muffler that fell off another bike.
    enough force went through the boot to sheer-off the peg, :shock:
    yet the boot held together and subsequently so did my foot. :grin: :grin:
  7. Note on Doc Martens, despite the fact I grew up in the UK when Docs were THE big thing in footwear, I dont see them as being particulary tough boots in terms of the abuse they will substain.

    Many pairs of bushwalking boots and certainly military combat boots take far more damage than a pair of Docs will last through.
  8. One British bike mag (can't remember which one) tested various boots. They concluded that there is very little difference between affordable leather bike boots and expensive fancy racing boots in terms of protection.

    All were far from satisfactory in providing protection from injuries resulting from twisting. Against abrasion and impact, they were reasonable to good as long as they covered ankles and shins to some extent.
  9. That is the exact same boot.

    Love em :)
  10. i got a pair of abe replica oxtar race (look) boots for $399 from bikebiz.com.au

    Thayre comfy enough to wear all day (bit hard on the feet, but theyre boots not sneakers).
    I was worried about water-proof-ness or something, but i have ridden it crazy nasty weather in them and my feet always stay dry.
    Not warm though, theyre cold bastards in this winter weather.

    i give them a thumbs up anyway.
  11. Hmmm nice one, thanks carver you tell a nice story with pictures. I may have tried these on at PS had a special on them too. has gore-tex breathable liner, most comfy of the touring boots I tried.

    Just remembered the sport/race boots I realy liked had the laceup inner sock, umm kinda like draw string laces on snowboard boots if you know what i mean. Are there any touring boots which come with a inner sock/boots?

    How long ago did you read that?

    I'd prefer a little more support and protection up on the shin.
  12. Get the race boots
  13. Good argument.
  14. whoops oh yeah a reasoning from me might be a good idea

    Personally I buy whats comfortable regardless of price. Well ok maybe a $500 limit for boots. If you like the comfort of the race boots then buy em!
  15. A true race boot is designed to severly limit the amount and direction of movement in the foot. In order for them to truely effectively do their job, they would be most unsuitable for general wear/walking. They would be designed to be put on, rider on bike and used. Bike stops, rider gets off and off comes boot. To be worn any longer I would suggest a road boot. The novelty factor of "race boots" that are comfortable woudl provide some additional protection, but I don think as much as the advertising would like you to believe. For them do their job, they must be restrictive. Certainly boots are better than the doc's for sure. There is lots of hot and sharp things down there. Steel caps are a big no-no as well. Covering the angle and lower leg will attain a level of protection, the varying degrees are minimal between brands/models, compared to none at all.

  16. Touring boots have twice saved me from having a totally smashed ankle, that would have quite likely otherwise left me severly crippled in walking. Their protection is outstanding. Add in the comfort, waterproof, and warmth .... it's a no brainer for me.
  17. Got a set of Rossi's, mainly touring/commuter boots. Had them for a couple of years now, think I paid about $150 for them, Bloody comfortable boots, all weather, can (and do) walk around in them all day. However, the shin-guards are pretty sturdy, but are foam/leather, instead of some of the plastic-reinforced ones you see around, and there is no significant toe padding so you don't want to wear thin socks on a melbourne morning. (But they are still wearable on a 40 degree day)
  18. zx12arrr vs. tones
    2 very convincing arguments there.
    If I had the money I'd get the race boots. No money I'd have to put up with the less comfortable tour boot. but at least be able to walk around a bit more.
  19. Seriously mate just get the boots you want, get the most comfortable pair you can afford regardless of what style of boot it is. I have a pair of both race and touring boots (no toe sliders) and whichever boots I wear I tend to walk around using my knees and hip and less ankle movements than normal shoes.
  20. Here here..... :grin: