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Boots To Fit 14 Aus, Any Ideas?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by DJA, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. Been doing a search through the forums and the net and can't really find anything in this size, does anyone know where they might be?

  2. All my sneakers say 50 to 51.5 euro yet they are both 16 us my colorados are 14 aus so I'm going off them for sizing but perhaps up to 15 aus I know the icons are supposed to be smaller than actually tagged I looked at the sidi site and they have up to 50 euro just looks kinda hard finding that here in oz
  3. I'm 13 aus I think, and 47 (euro I guess) for riding boots - and even I find it difficult to find my size in stock, generally need to order in.. which is kind of useless if you have to pay for it before trying them on..
  4. Huh? Sorry not sure what you are saying?

  5. I got mine from a standard shop, 47.5 euro or 13 US. Dont see too much of an issue your feet arent that big?
  6. I guess not but most manufacturers don't make them in my size, I noticed Rossi boots say they have them, does anyone have much experience with Rossi boots? I know just try them on I will once I have some idea of where I'm going as I doubt I can get it in this town
  7. Rossi boots are good plain boot that has a very loyal following. I have had Rossi hiking boots for many a year and will look at the motorbike boots once my A* wear out.