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VIC Boots to be mandatory?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by paddy, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/la...to-cut-road-toll/story-fnat79vb-1226587970571

    I dont have a free copy unfortunately.

    However it mentions that Riders will be fined $170 odd dollars for not wearing Boots...

    I'm not sure how they will determine what appropriate boots are (ugg boots?) I assume that they will make some minimum specifications, on make/model etc..

    anyway, if anyone knows more.... be keen to hear

  2. The link is not much use if you don't have a HUN login. Can someone get the whole article?
  3. Yeah, sorry... I actually read it in the hard copy of the paper... but thought it best to quote something to show not just talking rumours.

    hopefully someone can find one
  4. Relevant part I guess.

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  5. nice work strife
  6. What an absolute crock of shit.

    Want to improve the road toll?

    Step 1, build better roads
    Step 2, train road users to use the better roads properly.
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  7. so is this the governments response to the RSC?

    make everyone wear boots all the time.
    take more money out of the TAC for road repairs... as opposed to dropping the safety levy this would artificially make it worse.
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  8. What about hi-tops?;)
  9. I tend to agree that tailgaters should be dealt with severely and simplifying speed limits SOUNDS like a good thing but I'm not sure boots should be a matter of regulation. That sounds like it could be taken too far.
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  10. You understand that simplifying speed limits means that 90 zones will become 80 and 70 zones will become 60?
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  11. Removing 70 & 90km/h zones.... so, more speed reductions then.
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  12. My new boots barely cover my ankles simply bc I can't buy longer boots that fit over them. Yet they're made for motorcycling and I believe offer better ankle protection than my old Rossis, which are a little longer, but softer.

    So, is this the beginning of mandatory gear? And the same old question arises - how do they mandate what is the minimum standard?
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  13. Just so I'm clear. These are merely proposed changes, yes?
  14. So we have incompetent ministers who decide to make policy from the bunch of knuckle dragging morons who read the Hun.

    The Police minister in particular always was a moron.
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  15. I think its more that with a weak government, the plod, TAC et al are making policy?
  16. it certainly seems like an arbitrary thing to make mandatory.

    I'd like to see some stats that indicate that foot/ankle injury is the most prevelant in accidents.
  17. This is a direct result of that woeful survey put out by the Hun plus the online survey that could be entered multiple times. The claim was for 16,000 responses plus 'experts who were consulted': we know without a doubt that no motorcycling body was consulted. Blind Freddy can see that mandatory boots without standards for all PTW riders (this includes scooter chauffeurs) will fall at the first hurdle, much better to make it an offence to wear inappropriate footwear and then define inappropriate, eg thongs, sneakers, etc. Let's face it: safety gear shouldn't be an issue for any right minded rider, we should encourage the use of boots, gloves, armour, etc as a normal habit when riding. It's the knee jerk ineptitude when pollies get led by the nose by the likes of the TAC and VicPol with nfi of what they are doing that grates on my nerves.

    Of far more concern are the Strategy documents published today which quote long and often the results of that survey, plus quote as fact the flawed statistic that 60% of us get away with speeding due to lack of FNPs.

    Thin end of the wedge :banghead:
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  18. I'm confused. Are you for or against mandatory gear?