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Boots stank

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FoxRiderJ, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. So, the curse of the motorcyclist eh?

    Please tell me how you kind folk at Netrider keep your motorcycle boots odor free. Mine is 4 months old and they smell like an unwashed old man in his 90's.
  2. wash your feet?
  3. Store them in a cold, damp and dark space.
  4. My boots are OK, but my helmet needs attention...
  5. Wish it were that easy!

    I own plenty of shoes/boots (shoe fetish?), some i wear all day. Not one of them smell.

    I only wear my boots for about an hour max per day and they stink to high hell!
  6. Eat more fruit and veg, smile more and donate blood.

    It wont help with the smell, but it cant hurt.
  7. take em to a bootmaker and give'em $20 to replace the inner sole....or buy a pair of odour eaters for $20 from the shops...either way its gonna cost ya $20!! :)
  8. bicarb soda might work. or there are various powders you can buy. had to use them when I was in Hong Kong and things got seriously sweaty. other option is to alternate two pairs of boots.
  9. What sort of socks do you wear when you wear your bike boots.
  10. I wear business socks with my boots, for you know, business time.

    I'm guessing its a bacteria build up, i only noticed it started smelling after i got caught in a storm riding to work one morning and the boots/socks got completely soaked. Since then the smell has gradually been growing...

    I've tried some 'shoe powder' but forget the brand name, been using the last month but they're not working.

    I think i should just set a match to them and listen for the screams of tiny little fungus.
  11. Ah, they got wet. That'd do it.
  12. Wearing thin socks is good. Less chance of your feet sweating and a thin sock will actually keep your feet warmer. Because they don't sweat.
    Charcoal odor eaters work well.
    If they get wet do not wear them till they are dry or they will get smelly.
    If so then an anti bacterial wash or spray and let them dry right out. Then use the charcoal odor eater.
    Same goes for your helmet. Anti bac spray and dry well. Don't use a hair dryer on your helmet either. You can shrink the foam and it will be rendered useless. And you wont know till it's too late.
  13. I've never really suffered from smelly boots but my sister-in-law works for the distributor of high end fitness products and one of their brands, Sof Sole, makes a product called 'Fresh Fogger'
    and from memory is available from places like The Athletes Foot.

    Can't speak of it's efficiency on smelly shoes because it was recommended to us by the S-i-L for use on my ROM brace of all things - seemed to work though.
  14. Don't wear nylon socks if possible. If I wear cotton, no problem... if I wear nylon socks then whatever shoes I have on end up smelling like an old cheese factory (or worse).
  15. Put them in a plastic bag and whack em in the freezer- should kill dem bacteria that're stinking up your boots overnight.

    BTW first post from a long-time lurker!
  16. The thing that makes them smell is bacteria. Just make a 1:1 water and dettol or any good antiseptic solution and spray them then let it air dry outside on a clear sunny day. Your boots will smell like a hospital for a little whole but will stop smelling pongy
  17. Seeing as the boots as reasonable new (4 months), go to an m/c accessory store which carry the same brand/model. "Try on" a new pair, put the stinky ones in the box and walk out :-w

  18. best idea yet in the entire thread!
  19. Thanks for all the suggestions, will try them out this weekend!

    Although i doused my boots with Glen 20 anti bacterial last night, wore them this morning for the hour commute, and they still smell like a recently disinfected toilet.

    Awesome idea! Look out MCAS.

    Glad someone got the pun :)
  20. something else - wash them (inner soles etc) and wash them in the laundry tub, then put them close to (but not too close) to a heater or a fireplace and let them dry out overnight. that always helped for me. before wearing, i'd then shove in talcum powder or some form of boot spray to make them smell good.