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Boots. Short or Long?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by captainmorgan, May 11, 2006.

  1. me personally, i thought riding boots were long to support the ankle, and i wear long boots for that reason... and i know we had this discussion before but i wear my pants over the top of my boots, so noone knows if they are long or short anyway....

    just my 2 cents
  2. Definitly go the long version, more protection and much less chance of them coming off in a crash.
  3. The version i was given was that a/ you don't want them to flick off if you go down and b/ shin armour and i guess the boot iself gives protection. I do the same, i wear longs but have pants over them.
  4. I wouldn't buy boots or shoes for riding that have laces, do a search and you'll find many people who have dropped their bikes because a lace looped around a clutch or brake lever, and they couldn't put the foot down.

    Even the instructor on my L's course expounded the risks of wearing laces on a motorbike.
  5. Absolutely.... I nearly became one of these statistics myself... luckily i had already leaned the other wayand was trying to get my foot off but i got stoooook!!

    Laces and Bikes = Bad

    Velcro+Zip = Good
  6. I tried on some dririder boots and they didn't feel secure at all. Those taller Icon boots look good with the straps tho.

    I asked about wearing hiking boots and this young sales guy sprouted a bunch of crap on how they weren't supportive or protective enough and they'll come off if I go down. I doubt he's ever worn good hiking boots.

    Only drawback I can see is the laces but i'll live with it if I can't find a motorcycle boot that feels secure enough for my liking. Anyone got any suggestions for a n00b looking for a decent first pair of boots?
  7. Most shoes/boots with laces that are made for motorcycling have a velcro flap that you put over the laces so that they don't get caught :)
  8. I bought a pair of Rossi boots - full leather and reinforcement in the right places. Comfy from day 1 and are wearing really well (note - I'm not going round many corners fast enough to scrape the toes though!).

    Aussie made too which is a bonus.
  9. Shoelaces are not the danger in themselves, just in the fact they tend to be tied up in loops which hang and can get caught on pegs and such. I'll admit for my short and slow city trips I often just wear army boots - these are laced up high so the knot is almost half-way up my shin, and I tie up the shoelace in simple knots without any loops. What's more, any left over hanging bits are very short and hidden under the pants anyway. I don't think my shoelaces will ever be the problem.

    If you want proper riding boots, the most common injury is caused by the twist to the ankle as the rider tumbles, so the feature you should look for is bracing around the ankle. And that, as far as I'm concerned, is what rules out hiking boots and indeed any kind of short boots as a riding boot - unless they are long, and really solidly reinforced (as in, a brace of some kind, not just thick leather) they are not going to protect your ankle from twisting. Buying these short boots is just a waste of money; you can just as well ride in street footwear and save a bundle.
  10. I will never get on my bike without proper long motorbike boots.

    Normal shoes and yes even hiking boots [I wear Scarpa so I know boots] are crap if you come off. They rip off and expose your feet to all kinds of crap and offer NO shin and ankle protection. Boots are a mandatory item in my opinion.

    Some guys wear army boots for riding and feel comfortable but a good set of bike boots shouldn't cost you and arm and a leg.
  11. Yep, I agree the short boots are a waste of time. Depending on your riding position your pants can still ride up past the top of the boot and protection isn't great. A long boot, no laces with good ankle and shin protection is the way to go. Forget all the clips and buckles - they'll just get caught in something.
  12. Long boots for sure but not AGV boots there shit
  13. Why you say that??? I have a pair of AGV Cascade boots. They are a waterproof touring boot. I wear them all day long when i am on the bike. They are comfortable as hell, well put together and were a decent price. I also have worn them in a TORRENTIAL Downpour when i rode down to Melbourne and my feet were warm and toasty when i took them off (except for alittle bit of sweat, given i hadn't taken them off in about 18 hours :p ). Ask Kraven, Booga or Hornet what the rain was like.

    They have yet to let me down, have seen MANY hours of riding and MANY hours of walking (i wear them around at uni all day when i ride in) and still look like they are almost brand new!!!
  14. These are fantastic if you want low cut boots:


    I wear them on the bike and while at work. They look quite office boot like and very comfortable indeed. Good price too (can't remember but I know it wasn't too expensive).

    But, only one minor complaint; unless the pants you wear (like wet-weather) are long enough, they'll ride up over the top.
  15. I am saying agv cascade boots are shit as mine are 4 months old and coming apart :evil: And the supplier is screwing me around they say yeah its a problem we know about then want to ofload some cheaper boots as replacements so screw AGV and screw RED WING HONDA
  16. I agree that long boots will provide far superior protection to any sort of short boot, but short motorcycle boots would be better than normal sneakers etc...

    I'm actually looking to buy a pair of short motorcycle boots/sneakers to leave at work (I live like 40 minutes from work, which is in the city) so that I can wear my long boots in to work (highway riding etc) and then change to short boots to go out (city riding), cause dancing and clubbing and stuff in long boots really really sucks. You can lock helmet to bike, but you can't really lock boots to bike... Then stop by work on the way home, pick up gear and change back to long boots to go home :)
  17. I've got both short and long Medal boots. Generally, if its cool or I'm going on a track day, I use the long ones. On the otherhand, I'll use the short ones when its hot, I'm doing relatively lower speeds or I have longer pants on.