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Boots/shoes for the office

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ryangus, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. What's the latest offering to wear with my business attire? I'd rather not have to change shoes if it can be avoided, and my old Rossis are just about had it.

  2. Platforms are out. They just look too slutty for work.
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  3. I like a decent heel, say 4 inches or so for the executive look. Accentuates the ass too apparently - not in the slutty way Tas man thinks obviously.
  4. How about a pair of Doc Martens?
    I prefer to wear the full fat bike boots when I ride and leave my shoes at the office.
  5. Ah, the "bull dyke" look. Always popular on Oxford Street.
  6. And very popular 30 odd years ago when I started riding. For once the bikers were ahead of the poofters in fashion sense.
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  7. They're bl00dy good boots too. Comfy as hell - a few blokes I knew used to wear them in the job in roles where we were on our feet all shift.
  8. I'm afraid you have 2 choices.

    Either wear your business shoes on the bike, or

    Keep a pair of business type shoes at work and wear your bike boots to and from.
  9. Check out the TCX X-Street. I wear them to work with jeans, I'm not sure how formal your work wear is though.
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  11. you can get some nice magnum boots that will look okay with slacks over top?
  12. I checked these out and in doing so stumbled on TCX Urban, which is probably as formal as you are going to get with a bike boot. Touch exxy though.
  13. [​IMG]

    These look good too. TCX-X Street shoes
  14. This is what I do... just leave the work shoes at work. It's impossible to make any ride shoe look right with office gear.