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Boots scraping :(

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by conspiracytheorist, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, went down old pac highway today with biceps wearing my new boots for the first time. They aren't full boots, kind of work boot size. Anyway, on the way home - ie where I knew all the corners well, on left corners the front of my boot would skim the ground (giving me quite a shock). Because of the shape and grip of the boot I can't just move it a bit up, I have to sit my toes on the peg pretty much.

    Since I keep my foot under the shift pedal, its pointed down - hence the skimming. Glad that I've got my counter steering up enough to touch, but its kind of annoying to move my foot :LOL:

    Should I consider changing the peg positioning, and if so, howso?

    :) Thanks!
  2. err, no, why not buy some proper riding boots?
  3. They are propper riding boots. Just not full size.
  4. Time to hang off the seat GP style to get more ground clearance :cool:
  5. I know what you mean. I was riding with Uncle Bren and Bandit R1 around Honda at PI and was travelling with more pace than usual. It was rather exciting. Unexpectedly, I scraped my toes despite having the ball of my foot on the peg. It is disconcerting to say the least.
    Another couple of options for you to contemplate; changing to race shift pattern 1 up 5 down and rear sets. Oh and yes Cali Superbike school for more enthusiastic body positioning. And titanium toe sliders for your boots; you don't want people too far up your jacksie.
  6. You had boots attached to your arms? :shock:
  7. There's your problem. Get the balls of your feet on the pegs, you're asking for trouble riding like that.
  8. The balls of your feet should be on the pegs. Certainly, they should not be under the gear change lever mid corner, this is almost guaranteed to result in your toes touching down. It's a hell of a lot easier to change your foot position than the peg position.
  9. Hmm thanks for the input. These boots don't really work putting the balls on the pegs because of their shape, so I'll endeavour to keep them up more.
  10. used to have same problem now i bring my feet up between every gear change to avoid it, sometimes i still forget but remember again very quickly when my foot gets a nice jolt
  11. Another reason to put your toes up on the pegs is that you can shift your weight on the pegs a lot easier aiding in cornering, particularly quick chicane-style corners where the bike must be tipped over quickly into the second corner.

  12. WTF? They are riding boots right? What model? so I can look them up, I am interested in seeing em!

    I can't for the life of me ride with my foot under the shifter all the time, it just doesn't feel right, plus I sux at right handers and have to get my ass of seat, so my left leg is only lightly in the pedal.... if that makes sense.

  13. RJays speed boots.
  14. $100+ for them?

    I would rather go out and buy a pair of reinforced (not steel cap) Caterpillars or some other type of work boot for cheaper.

    I think you would have been better off spending the extra money and getting a pair of proper riding boots that would offer better protection.

  15. They're pretty damn good considering they are just about as comfortable as regular shoes. Obviously not as protective - going to eventually get larger boots for decent touring. But thing things are better than any normal shoe you can get - they are designed for riding - have better ankle protection than regular boots, not to mention shift pads (badly needed, my old shoes are worn from shifting and the bottoms have no grip from shifting/braking).

    I wanted to get propper boots @ $200ish, but realised I'd have to spend $500 to get something comfortable enough to wear around all day (uni/work, going out, etc etc.)
  16. thanks phizog, posting that name was great, made me interested in what boots they were so now i'm oredering a new jacket :grin:
  17. phizog I know we have had our differences but I personally think those RJays Speedboots certainly look the goods, I almost bought some the other day.

    Like the others have said, don't drag your toes when cornering, meaning don't let them hang down.
  18. Don't know how I got away with it wearing my sneakers for so long :LOL:

    Feel kind of weird, almost unsafe when I put toes on peg. Guess I'm just not used to it. Yeh they don't look too bad - with jeans over them they look like normal shoes. And can't go wrong for $120
  19. phizog,

    yeah I know the boots, my mate had a pair and he ranted & raved about them.

    But I would def get some proper boots. they are worth it IMO.

    Catch ya next ride!