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Boots: Inside or outside the pants?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nosuchthing, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. Hi All,

    Having never worn boots before, I was wondering, if I am wearing, say Draggin Jeans, will the pants be tucked inside the boots or will it just go on the outside, like everyday wear pants and shoes?


  2. Depends on the pants too - some won't go over the boots.

  3. Your first rainy day will tell you.
  4. It'd depend on the pants as well I'd reckon, ie elastic ankles would have to go outside.

    Jean and like style ankles you could tuck in to save catching them on your footpegs I guess. Depends how dorky you wanna look :shock:
  5. When I lived in the USA I once asked a Texan woman that question. She replied that "boots under is more stylish, but boots over is more 'studly'." That of course only applied to cowboys.
  6. i put my draggins in boots and have done so for all my time riding nearly a year now... i'm thinking isnt it better in a crash for the pants to be inside as they wont move around as much and protection will increase.... then again im only a p plater so i might be wrong
  7. Considering I don't actually plan on crashing :p I used to do the inside thing, but now do the outside way :shock:
    Personal choice I feel :)
  8. With my leather pants, my boots have to go over them and with my Draggins my boots go under them. :wink:

    :D :D
  9. I guess there is the element as to what will fit.
    I had my boots and leathers custom made so I needed to specify which way I'd like to wear them. The circumferential measurements are quite different between the two styles.
    I went for the boots on the inside a la Foggy and Rossi.

    WLF. :D

  10. I used to wear my Draggins inside my boots, then i finally looked at myself and yeah i looked like a dork. Now the pants are always on the outside...
  11. ha ha ha :D

    Personally.....boots under jeans, boots over leathers, anything other is totally dorky.
  12. im with Fluffy on this, imo pants inside boots are the epitome of bad taste.
    some of you sports bike riders dress up & look like like the power rangers when riding ya bikes, its frikkin silly.
  13. Personally where I can I have them tucked in, no real reason except that then pants leg can't get caught on footpeg and if the proverbial does hit the fan and I bin the bike less chance of jeans getting cuaght in chain or whatever.

    My recent stack I ended up with a rather large rip in my boot that without boots would have been my leg so not unhapy I wear motorbike boots.
  14. I sometimes wear my old firefighters boots and they are so big that the pants almost have to go on the inside (normal jeans anyway) and with that type op boot it dosen't matter if pants are in or our your boots still fill up :cry: It doesn't rain too much out here so thats ok.

    Personal pref. Pants in/out boots is personal.

  15. Leather in the boots....Draggins on the outside.
  16. i'll concur with xxsteve on this one.

  17. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  18. I wear both draggin jeans and leathers over the top of my boots.

    The draggin jeans just look silly tucked inside my boots and my boots won't zip up if I try and stuff my leather bike pants inside them so out side they go *shrug*.

    At the end of the day it really doesn't make much difference, even bike racers can be seen wearing them both ways.