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Boots, how to wear them

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by deyago, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. I wear em over the leathers, like God intended.

  2. I wear the leathers over the boots, like Rossi my man-love hero

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  3. I'm still coming to terms with the gloves issue, leave me alone mean person!

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  4. You're not fat, you just expand to fill the available space

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  5. Boags is the greatest beer on earth, just wear some boots and stop being a moron

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  1. I recently read a great article over at another site. The bloke, Swifty, was relating his woes getting an R6 to the track. I can relate, Mel's SRV250 is still in pieces on the bike bench :LOL: .

    Ol'Swifty had a dilema at one point though. He got through the "which glove first" minefield fairly well though I think left first and then right for left handers is the correct method...or was that right first for lefthander standing on the right of the bike? Someone here can correct me I'm sure...

    His next issue that nearly spoiled his day was "boots: over or under the leathers?". That's a good one and I must admit I spend a good 1/2 hour a morning doing one and then the other just to see what works, and then wear the left one in and the right one out and then the left one out and the right one in, and I shake it all about.

    When I stop shaking I generally go boots out, my leathers are filled with too much short fat man to do otherwise.

    Since the question seems to span the netosphere we should all think hard and speak up - Boots, there can be only one way and I say.....(fill in blanks)
  2. What kind of crazy speedway pants are you wearing that they can go over your boots?

    Only room for calves in my leathers.
  3. Next you'll want to know if gloves go over or under the sleeve? Just don't swallow your helmet and you'll be fine :LOL:

    Voted, shame I don't rate Boags or that would have been the option.

    Also, I need some advice on places to purchase a key ring for my bike.
  5. as for the gloves issue, i tend to go with whichever one i grab first goes on its respective hand :)

    Boots I am in favor of pants over boots, no real reason except the pants bunch up under boots and cause it to get uncomfortable (although I only have draggins)

    its also better in the wet as then your boots don't fill up with water
  6. on your feet???

    go the boags!!!
  7. beat me to it
  8. things to think about:

    1. Are your pants big enough to go over the boots?
    2. Will you get your pants caught on the peg/shifter etc and cause you to drop the bike on yourself when you can't put your foot down.
    3. In a road slide, are your boots more likely to come off than your pants ride up?
  9. There's a correct way to wear gloves - other than on your hands. :-s :eek:hno:
  10. :LOL:
    Mate, I have some sandpaper and rim tape for sale if you're interested :grin:
  11. Even if Rossi runs the leathers over boots thing, it just looks plain wrong, and can only lead to the leathers sliding up your legs in the event of a crash! Theres a reason there's so much room in the top of boots...
  12. Um... do I put my left arm into the jacket first, or the right one?? :?

  13. To wear leathers over boots you need special boots designed for that. Dainese makes them, Rossi wears them. If you are wearing leathers over boots which are not designed to be worn that way you are a ...... (fill in the blanks).
  14. the most important thing you can remember with dressing one's-self is

    "Socks before Shoes"
  15. This poll has been done before.. about a month ago :p

    Since I dont have leathers its hard to comment.. If I did have leathers, when I knew I was going to be riding hard, I'd tuck them in. Otherwise I wouldn't.
  16. I too need advice on a keyring. For too long I have employed the house-brick-ona-bita-string method and fear that it may scratch my tank one day. Oh woes is me! Where can that elusive motorcycle key ring device be?!
  17. Depends what day of the week it is....
  18. Here

    As for the boots? Well I think a pair of colorados over draggins would look a bit dicky. Can't speak for the leather wearin' crew.
  19. My alpinestars leathers wouldn't even fit over my boots....? WTF sort of poll is this?


    Don't know how Rossi manages it? noob...