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boots: 'Gaerne ST Dry' vs 'Alpine* GPS 3' (waterproof ones)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by nibor, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. hey guys, im looking at boots at the moment, tossing up between these two pair. the Gaerne are definately waterproof, and cost a lil more i think, the GPS 3s ive seen online as waterproof, but the standard version isnt is it? :? im a lil confused here.

    then again, its after 5am :p

    does anyone have either of these pairs, if so, whats your view on them? basically im after boots for commuting in most weather (think melbourne lol), and having a bit of fun in. definately after some protection, but the budget is limited.

    cheers in advance :)
  2. I have the Gaerne, got them about a month ago as last years model for $249.00. Great in Dry. First real test in wet today going to Eden. Will let you know how they go.
  3. A* 100% waterproof, commute all kinds of weather and no issues. Lately leaked a bit where the leather had worn thin, a bit of nugget and fixed.
  4. I have the A* waterproof boots, and they have so far proved very waterproof, one ride was 3600km over 4 wet days (very wet) and they did not leak at all.
    Now used for commuting in Mlb every day, and if we ever get rain, I could tell you what they are like.

    Had them 'thrown' in when I bought the bike.
  5. There are two versions of the alpinestars, a waterproof (I think it's a goretex lining) and a standard. I think the waterproof ones only come in black, and the standard ones come in a bunch of colours. Could be wrong though.
  6. yeah thats correct, m pretty sure too anyway. i only interested in the waterproof ones, as its for winter/all weather riding. im hoping people figured this out, so any mention of the A*'s so far is regarding the waterproof, not the standard :p

    cheers :)