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Boots for women...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by flashfire, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. Am having difficulty finding a pair of boots (road boots) that will actually fit my deceptively large calves. I want goretex lined ideally - tried the super duper AlpineStars one, even with the velcro bit at the back undone, I still can't do em up.

    See, I'm sorta short and as a result, my calf muscles start closer to my ankles than people of average height, so the boots come up to almost the widest part of my lower leg and won't do up.

    Was thinking the daytona ladystars, but would have the get them imported for $600! Even still, wouldn't be certain they would do up properly.

    The only boots that I have found that I can wear are the oxtar sundancer which slip on/off, but they felt like icky gumboots.

  2. my wife has the same problem, have a talk to a boot maker, they could sow an extra bit on for you...or maybe a half boot...

  3. You can get a shorter boot from Rossi. Not sure if they are Goretex lined though. I have a similar problem, only I don't have calves, I have steers.
  4. Medal Boots

    Not from Melbourne, so only know them from reputation, but Medal Boots does custom boots.

    I've been meaning to pick up a pair on my next visit to Melbourne, other riders swear by them, and they seem to last up to 10 years.

    Only details I got are 160 Gertrude St, access via a laneway.

    Hopefully someone else can fill you in more.
  5. Thanks Kaer, but I'm not from Melb either....

    Maybe a bootmaker is the way to go.

    Alternatively, does anyone know of a brand of motorcycle boots that uses laces to do up?
  6. I think you may even have problems with lace up boots. My wife has the same problem. She has a set of low Harley Davidson branded boots that fit at the moment, however they are not waterproof unless given a decent waterproofing agent.
    She has not given up finding a set yet and is still looking.
  7. Re: Medal Boots

    I have two sets of boots from Medal.
    The first for 8 years and they are still going. The second around 5 years.
    The beauty is that they are virtually tailored to your measurements. And they can repair them too.
  8. I understand that Medal also supply to the Police and Australia Post.
    So, they're kept very busy.
  9. Flashfire,

    I have the exact same problem.

    I've tried the newer range of Sidi (verterbra? *sic).......

    The ones with calf adjuster...wow......very comfy to wear.

    But it'll set you back at least $400 bucks.
  10. I have a pair of leather harness boots that just pull on - look a bit like cowboy boots. They are quite loose around my calves, designed to be, maybe you should look for something like that? They have pointy-ish toes and a cute heel as well, but no hang-off-and-scratch-bike wanky bits like studs or anything. They are made by thomas cook boots and have the words Jenny Reb written on the front. I bought them from morgan + wacker in brisbane. I'm rather tall (6ft give or take in bare feet) and they are high up on my mid calf.

    I don't just wear them on the bike either - with a short skirt out clubbing they are v.funky :wink:
  11. Go to Medal Shoes in Fitzroy (I think).

    They make them totally to measure at a very reasonable price (around $300). I've known a few people who have had bike boots made by them and they're magnificent. They also do repairs.

    I'll be going there soon, cause I got the same calf problem. Up to now, I've only ever worn elastic sided workboots, which I know are not gonna help me if I need them to.

    Woops :roll: Just noticed you're in Sydney, so that's not going to be any help at all..... Ah well, Mexicans, take note.
  12. I have the same problem. I found Gaerne boots. About $350 sorry cant remember the style. Goretex lined and very comfortable. Sizes are in Eur.
  13. Hooray! I found a pair.

    Rossi Senora. Not goretex lined, but water resistant lining and they fit! And, unlike the whopping $600 I was doomed to spend on the Daytona's, they only cost me $200.

    Happy. :)

    Thanks all for the advice.
  14. does anyone know where to find Jenny Reb boot's in Melbouurne Victoria Aus ,i have done a google search but no luck ?
    all the boots i have i wear out because of a head on car accident 7 years ago
    (a lady smashed into my BRIGHT RED car yep how could she miss it ''She Didint)any way i am harder on my right boot
    and i tend to split the sole from the upper within a year (sigh) i have been told the Rebs are a lot stronger stitching and should last me a lot longer ?
  15. I heard on the grapevine last week that Medal Bots shut down a while ago. He retired. Been around for yonks.
  16. oh thats what the problem is then thanks Curtaingirl.ZX6R

    as i want some new boots very soon
    i just rang Mars Leather in Melb and the man on the phone said None(jenny rebs ) in Aus at the moment but the new stock should be here in a month ,i dont know any more than that,nope none oy either even though a google search said there was sob sob

    and as a last thought before i hung up :grin:
    i asked if they give a discount to NetRider,MRA and WIMA and ESMR members and he said ohhhhhhhhhhh i spose we could :? :shock: :? and i left it at that hmmmm :shock:

    so basicly my thinking is Why ? would i bother driveing all the way into town and spend my money in a store that is a Mabe when i can certainly go to Bike Mart in Ringwood and KNOW that Sharon and Brian will give the discound
  17. Lucky you :)

    I looked at these, thinking "Yay", but they only go up to a size 7!!
    I am tall & have big feet (ladies 10).
    I fired off an email to Rossi a few days ago complaining about this very matter.

    I bought new boots recently, (blokes boots) and am not overly happy with them - too tight round the calves.
    So I'm looking for a new pair, but finding boots for women that aren't too expensive and that go up to a size 10 is proving difficult :cry:
  18. Johnny Rebs

    Not sure on what sizes are available but I have recently seen some at 1st class motorcycles in John St Lilydale ph: 9739 7277 who also have a massive clearance on Fusport brand boots $50 a pair... one of the reps I was talking to said Fusport used to be known for having bigger calves... having said that though, I couldn't do them up.

    I think Clipstone Yamaha in Ringwood also had a couple of pairs of Johnny Rebs.

    My mrs got hers from Brand Smart in Nunawading. They are the short boots and it was a while ago, but she got them from either a Thomas Cook or Wrangler store in the centre and they were cheap!
  19. Hey Thanks Doozerberry
    I am on phone to them right now ;-)1st class motorcycles in John St

    they have 2 pairs of Jenny rebs left size 5
    i am a 7 1/2 darn it ;-(
    but he DID say he has many ladies boots of different bands and great deals at the moment and i will go and have a looksee when i head down later this week ;-)