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Boots for uni and riding. waterproof or not?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by glowstix047, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. So lately i've been putting in some serious consideration into buying a proper pair of boots and stop riding around in sneakers. I usually ride to uni unless it piss pours so i will have my boots on for a good few hours 5 days a week atleast. I'm looking for a pair that wont cook my feet but will be good enough to keep them dry in the event that i get caught in the rain and also comfortable enough to walk around uni and climb the massive stairs of UNSW with.

    I tried on a pair of SIDI at my local MCAS and i found them to be very comfortable so at the moment im leaning heavily to SIDIs

    i was recommended by a friend to get this pair:

    however i also looked and found interest in these:

    any ideas?
  2. Water proof boots will always be hot on a hot day.

    I have a pair of A* smx-4 (vented) and supertech-r - both are super comfy, and neither get wet inside unless the rain is torrential.
  3. ever thought about fashioning a pair of shoe raincoat made out of plastic bags and rubber?
  4. The RJays looks very comfortable
  5. I have Sidi B-2's and they're quite good now that they're worn in a bit. I did have to take to the ankle protection plates with sandpaper to stop them squeaking.

    Not sure I'd want to walk around in them all day though.
  6. Holsters rite.

    I never stroll on my bike boots, least not intentionally!

    May as well just get these boots & pack a (small, thin) pair of canvas shoes in yr bag:

    Bought a pair for summer use & wear them all day, v comfy. No, not waterproof, and it lets in a lot of air while riding, defo not for cold weather riding!
  7. Buy your boots overseas.

    Get your sidi vertigo corsa's for $400AUD delivered rather than MCAS bullshit price $699+. That way you get top of the line race boots with change, spend that on your junk-water-proof pair.

    Riding boots in the rain changes the properties of the leather, it gets squeaky and hard.
  8. Get a pair of short boots for uni.
    This is what I've got. Much better for walking around.

  9. I'm looking at getting a pair of these, how do you find them for walking about on all day?
  10. Man you must have a different set of rjays terrain then me Chrome :p.
    Mine gave me shocking blisters and never actually flexed once in the week i tried them, so i gave them away.

    Heading back to sydney on thursday so ill be swinging in the mcas to check out some others ;) (starting with the icon accelerants).
  11. Not sure how serious you want the boots to be, but I use Rossi 814 for commuting and wear them at work all day. Comfortable to wear all day and waterproof, admittedly though I would say the ankle protection is pretty poor.

    "Australian Made, low cut motorcycle boot offering ankle and lower leg protection, with the freedom of a casual boot with comfort provided by not only the full grain leathers and the V-tex comfort linings but also the Air cushion sole."


  12. Pretty good. They just feel like stiff shoes. They don't breath very well so I wouldn't plan on doing intense labour, you'll get pretty sweaty. For general walking, shopping, commuting, uni type stuff they work well. I use these when I have a destination and full length boots when I dont.
  13. Hmm... I feared as much. Does anyone know of a similar style low-cut boot that does have some sort of ventilation? (coming into the warmer months I'm sure I'm going to need it).

    It seems that finding ankle protection, toe protection and ventilation in a single low-cut boot is something of a struggle :(
  14. smx-2
  15. Cheers, I'll have a look into them.
  16. question!
    if youre wearing full boots are you meant to wear those long socks too?
    question 2!
    if youre wearing short riding boots do you wear long socks or just ankle level socks?
  17. Whatever's clean(y)