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Boots for the bike and office?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ryangus, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. I'm tossing up whether I should just ride in different pants and boots, and change them when I get to the office, or find some boots that could be worn all day.

    Any suggestions on boots that would suit a corporate office environment, and then the F650GS on the way there and back?
  2. Office shoes can't be beaten. It's not like you wear that sort of shoe anywhere but the office.
  3. I leave shoes and pants at work, ride in, get changed take shirt daily, easy as.
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  4. + 1 this has been done to death....

    Plan ahead..... Not hard really

    DROID-Tablet talkin'
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  5. A small window of opportunity appears for us to turn this into a nodding thread,,,,
  6. Never hurts to possibly shed new light (new options, products, opinions, general consensus, blah blah) on the situation. =;
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  7. I read this as Boobs the first time. :)
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  8. In winter I wear normal bike boots to work and leave my office shoes under my desk. In summer I just wear my office shoes on the bike.
  9. I really cbf changing man, i work in a corporate office and i wear R-Jay lowcut boots from AMX Gear. $100 or so and look good with slacks. As long as you keep em polished. Just my shirts with cuff links crease up big time under my stupidly tight leather jacket. But meh. Boots are the way to go bro. :D
  10. all year round. Easy.
  11. Which model R-Jays do you wear?
  12. When it's -3c in the mornings I'm grateful for the extra warmth the bike boots give me and in summer when it's 35+c in the afternoon I'm grateful for the extra 'breeze' I feel with my office shoes.

    I dress more for the weather than the road, if you know what I mean.
  13. Thomas Cook make a classy boot. A bit pricey but good quality. No zips or velcro.Could be worn under office trousers.
  14. Hey Ryno, They are the Rebel Shortcut boots. Really comfy, great on the bike, plus they give you about 2 inches in height :D Already being 6'2'' kinda makes me loomingly large but hey, whatever. hehe
  15. I'm currently looking alpinestar shibuya shoes. Too my knowledge there waterproof.
  16. I wear docs and try not to crash
  17. I think I'll stick with my Docs for now.