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Boots for road/track use

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Ruckus, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    I currently own a pair of Alpinestars SMX-1 (shorty boots) and they're fine for what I use them for (I'm still on my L's and don't commute on the bike).

    I'm attending the KAWASAKI TEAM GREEN AUSTRALIA TRACK RIDE DAY on November 26 at Wakefield (novice group) and currently researching for a additional pair of boots that will be suitable for mainly road and possible future track days.

    Reading the riding requirements for track days states "Leather motorcycle boots" but is very vague. Obviously the shorty boots don't qualify and a work mate has agreed to lend me a pair of Rossi boots for this track day but I'm wondering what boots fellow riders would recommend me in this situation?

    What type of boots are the minimum requirement for track days?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Boots have to be of a length to overlap your leathers. That's the only real requirement to pass scruitineering. The more race oriented the boots is, the more armour they will have generally. I use Alpinestars supertech Rs which are top of the line and great, but I've also used SMX5s, SMX plus and oxytar boots which all performed well. SIDI are popular with track riders too. I'd buy whatever comes up on eBay in your size at a good price to get you started
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  3. For the novice/intermediate group, kevlar/textile pants are the minimum requirement so I won't be buying leathers at this stage (unless I'm hooked after the first taste of a track day).

    The boots you use are very nice indeed but out of my budget.

    I've taken a look online at the Alpinestars SMX Plus which receive good reviews.

    Are these type of boots difficult to for regular street riding and walking in?
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  4. I just bought a pair of RST Paragon 2 boots (because my Forma shortie boots didn't reach my new Dainese Pony leather pants and I looked like a dick with a mid calf gap) and am very happy with them so far, they will be fine for the odd track day, but don't look like Transformers/Robocop type boots, which I prefer. Cost brand new from PS was negotiated down to $186 including a pair of Fox socks which wasn't bad at all.

    I'd suggest not buying online until you've triedthat particular boot on first though - and then maybe buying online/used to save $ if you need to. I found the fit between boots very different, even the RST Paragon 1's fitted completely differently to the Paragon 2's. So I think to some extent this is like buying a helmet - feet are not all the same shape so find something comfortable first and then scout around for price.
  5. If you want to do EC/SMSP pretty sure you'll need leathers, not textiles, even in white group.

    The SMX Plus will be fine and last ages. All decent bike boots are a pain to walk in, just one of those things.

    If i was you as a bloke just starting out and finances are tight consider some little used second hand boots - plenty on ebay. Don't forget you wont actually be using them often, especially in the summer months.
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  6. I'm amazed Wakefield will allow you on the track without full leathers. And on top of that there's no way I'd be riding a racetrack without leathers.
    Even if you think you won't, by your third session you'll be doing 200 down the straight. Read up there's plenty of stories of people being taken out by others or things which are out of their control happening causing crashes.
    Listen to Darren he's on point.
    Lionz and Chilli also have good ideas for you.
    SMX plus and supertech feel really good just walking around with their inner bootie design most others don't.
  7. Will have to hit up MCAS this week and try on some boots.

    I assume these type of boots in summer will be slightly uncomfortable with all the coverage.
  8. I didn't disbelieve you I'm just amazed.
    Its not something you'd say if you didn't read it.
  9. From what others have said on NR, I'm surprised even the novice group doesn't require full leathers.

    Maybe Wakefield is more laxed on the minimum requirements for beginners.
  10. Marulan's the same for textiles. Personally i only feel comfortable and confident in leather whatever the weather. Even to commute in textiles it has to be roasty toasty weather wise for me.
  11. Had a quick browse at SCM and there's so many to choose from.

    Will try and pop into MCAS this weekend to get a feel of other brands.

    Thanks for all the response, very helpful.
  12. I got SMX6's, and while not "proper" track boots, don't get hot/uncomfortable in summer with almost no ventilation..
  13. I'm a big fan of the RST Tractech Evo's. Good for the road, track and if you get the waterproof ones great for all year riding.
  14. Yeah cos no one ever crashes in the novice group lol
  15. What size boot do you take?
  16. I'm checking out a pair of Alpinestar Racetech boots in an hour off of gumtree apparently in excellent condition for $80.

    If they are anywhere near in excellent condition they'll be mine....mwuahahaha.....
  17. Do you mean Supertech?
  18. EU43, UK9, US10. I got small feet.

    Nice find Barters81.
  19. Ahh....yes. Yes that's what I meant. :blackeye: