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Boots- Finding it difficult when riding

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Tigress, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Hey All,

    I've been practicing on my bike in runners but had to start wearing my boots.

    I'm finding that I have trouble knowing if I've put my foot under the gear lever or if i've missed it. The boots are obviously bulkier and thicker. Is it just me or maybe I'm not used to wearing big boots and just finding it difficult to adjust too?

    I've gotten the gear lever changed so that it is a little lower and it feels better. i've got long legs and need to lift them up a little when getting into position.
  2. You'll get a feel for it...
  3. You'll get used to it, I'm quite the opposite.
    If the boots are new, wear them around the house to start bedding them to your foot.
    If you're lifting you foot off the peg to change gears, it's isn't adjusted correctly. Adjust your levers to suit you, so many people just jump on and ride.

  4. I've got long legs and I had to lift my foot to downshift.
    I got them adjusted and I can slide my foot under without having to lift it, just need to get used it it as you both say.
  5. Definitely a familiarity thing. Even an experienced rider will experience a degree of awkwardness initially when wearing new boots. As long as your gear lever is correctly adjusted. as noted upthread, the difficulty should fade fairly quickly with practice.
  6. I did another 1 hour today and the level adjustment we made was good, was comfortable but yes the boots still feel firm but better.
  7. I was worried about riding in my new boots, thought I wouldn't be able to feel the gear shift, etc. But off I went on my first ride with them and promptly forgot all about them.