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Boots compared, your opinions please

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by sharkuss, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. Looking to grab a new pair of heels, and I like the Sidi ST sports up against the Alpine* supertech R. Who's had experience with these boots? Your thoughts appreciated. Feel free to recommend others. Riding style is fairly spirited, in all conditions, long distance and short. And yes do have to do short spells of walking in them

    *Important Point*
    My right leg has injuries, so getting in and out of boots is difficult. As such full zippers are a must, no slip-ons.They need to have plenty of ankle access/flex, or be able to spread at the front and rear.
  2. You're really going to have to try them on and see what you like.
    However if you're going to spend that kind of money, you might want to look at Daytona Evo Voltex.
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  3. Also have a look at Forma and/or Falco.

    AMX stock them. I recently purchased the Falco Axis and am pretty happy with them (That reminds me, I need to write a review on them sometime soon).

    Daytona always get excellent reviews so check them out as well.
  4. I was looking for a Daytona supplier in Sydney so I could sort out some sizing. I had a pair of dainese v twin dwp boots, they were so comfortable but you can definitely tell the build quality is not Italian (made in Romania?) and you definitely get what you pay for... Hole in the sole after not even a year, but I do wander around quite a lot in them. Anyway the sole is glued and not welted so it's almost impossible to get them resoled. Picked up some johnny reb style boots today for $240 or something, they seem a heap sturdier, much thicker sole and properly welted so easily replaceable. Am still looking for a pair of waterproof daytonas though, I've heard only good things about them and need a good all weather commuter boot...
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    Took a quick squiz at the Forma's, concerned about all the plastic. Shall revisit. Falco's I've had before and was happy with but their modern range I'm not familiar with.

    Initial searches suggest "good" daytona's are up around the $700 - $900 mark. Let's hope that's not accurate considering the two boots I originally mentioned I can secure for $500 or less
  6. Have a look at the Falco Oxygen 2 Waterproof ones (Pic below). Very similar to the Axis ones I've.

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  7. Appreciated, thanks
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  8. Can't rate the supertech Rs enough.

    Most comfortable boot of I've worn and crashed in.......
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  9. Just make sure they're comfortable. That's all that counts.
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  10. Sure, comfort is key but you're overstating the obvious. I'm sure neither of us is likely to wear something that gives us grief whilst we ride. I was hoping to hear experienced commentary from riders (such as jonnymac) who are familiar with the two pairs I mentioned
  11. Sharkuss I had the smx-plus for about 9 years which are a similar design.
    They were comfortable and I crashed in them around 6 times with no injuries or problems.
    I only upgraded due to a good deal and the fact the zip started playing up a bit. I figured I'd had my monies worth.

    Crashed at 197km/h the first day I wore my new supertech Rs.
    Slid along the track with the front toe area dragging along the tarmac which wore a hole through the leather but no further due to the metal toe cap.
    Then proceeded to roll 8-9 times through the gravel trap.
    No injuries and simply repaired the front toe area.

    Tried other boots on before purchasing these and kept going back to these.
  12. Cheers Jonny. Thanks for crash-testing them for me. It's a pain in the arse when I have to do it myself hehehehe.

    I was happy with the Puma's I had recently, good ankle locking mechanism. They got caught up against another bike once and the ankle-lock near saved me from snapping my foot clean off. But yes like you, I buried my toes between peg and race-track and tore a hole in those Puma's. But unfortunately for me I burned right through them and they're screwed. Ah well, I'll pay more attention to foot position next time.

    I'll add the SMX to my "look at" list along with the Falco's Libran mentioned. Appreciate the feedback.
  13. So after much swapping of boots, the winner was the A* Supertech-R. Why? Simply put, wider fitting in the mid-foot area.

    The Falco's construction was good but I found them tight around the mid foot section.
    The Sidi's were very easy to slide into but far too narrow for my foot, and perhaps many others for that matter. Consider your foot width if you're a size 44 or greater
    The SMX's weren't as well appointed in some of the safety construction aspects as the others. But to be fair, they were priced lower than my other choices so I'd say they represented good value.

    Thanks to everyone who provided me their feedback
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  14. Yes crash testing can be expensive.....so your welcome.

    Did you get the latest ones or the runout model?
    I think I saw them for about $450 the other day.
  15. I was tempted to spend the extra and get the later version but to be honest, $150 is a big difference. And it was the last pair I could find in my size so WIN !!!
  16. My supertecs are nearly 5 years old. They're the most comfortable boots I've ever worn.
    Build quality is fantastic, way better than their jackets IMO.
    The inner and outer boots are easy to put on and take off (just treat them as one pair of boots and leave the inners inside the outer boot ).
    If I could find a Daytona stockist I would consider a pair but they'd have to be superb to improve on my current boots.

    I have tried Sidi boots but couldn't get comfortable in them.