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Boots - brands, quality, value

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by ctjet, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. So im looking into getting a set of dedicated boots before i move up to a 600 in a couple weeks. I seen plenty of names but not a lot of it means much to me as a n00b

    Originally i was fairly keen on a set of Alpinestars but with their $450+ price range for the good stuff i feel like its asking a bit too much purely based on name.

    Off the top of my head i remember someone telling me to look into a pair of SIDI boots... so i have. I've found a pair called "B-TWO"


    Anybody know if they're any good? I've personally never heard of them, but then again i havent heard of a lot of brands. If anyone has any other options they know of, fowarding them this way would be greatly appreciated[/url]
  2. SIDI's are top of the line shit. i havent owened any but they look the goods and have a realy good reputation, but are priced to match.

    i have a set of oxtar ss performance 2 boots. oxtar are a good brand that have recently become TCX due to a name dispute with alpinestars. so theyre running out all the oxtar gear cheap as atm. they make a boo the "TCX evo replica" that was the race boot to have a year or two ago.

    but yeah theres plenty of good brands around. go to a store first and try some pairs on. dont just buy straight off the net without trying on and finding exsact sizing
  3. I got a pair of Setup boots which I'm happy with. Probably not up to the standard of the top name boots put good for the price. The Vision sports boot costs $289 and Setup are connected to Sidi if I remember correctly. I have a pair of their Urban boots which are like woorkboots for bikes and cost $99. Not bad if your not after the full-on racer boots.http://www.setupaustralia.com/range.htm# :cool:
  4. Setup is still having there sale by the look of there website.. You have to go to online shop and you will see the boots and the sale prices.
    I got the visions for $199 delivered to Melb.. :grin:

    I also have a pair of Oxtars which have been a great boot..

    And the Joe Rocket Super St boots i have are super comfy and feel very sturdy..

    They are 3 options for you to consider.. :cool:
  5. I gave the regular price in case ctjet missed the sale. They are really cheap at the moment though. I should look into a pair of Vision boots since my Alpinestars have gone to heaven :angel:
  6. I wear sidi boots. (champions I got OS) great boots but there might be better value in some of the other brands people are recommending.
  7. They arent too bad to be honest.. Bit plastic looking, and arent as sturdy as my Oxtars, but great value for money, and will protect you for sure.. :grin:
  8. Or if your after aussie made:


    I have a pair of these and I must say for the price they are amazing. Leather is twice as thick as my old mans alpinestars, more in places, nice soft sole though also.

    I've worn em all day with the only problem being my feet were hot, which happens anyway.
  9. thanks for teh replies guys

    i had a look at the setup boots link and saw that they're very similar to a pair of dirt bike boots i was looking at. I wasnt too keen on the unflexible sole. As far as the price goes i can get these SIDI's a little cheaper than most stores.

    ill definately try everything on before i commit to buying anything, just needed some nutral advice from people not just after my money
  10. They have dirtbike boots on the same page...

    Did you scroll right down the page ??
  11. If your looking around the $350 price range I would get the B2's. I was originally getting the B2's but opted for the Sidi Vertigos.
  12. yeah i saw the vison sports set, they looked nice

    im going bike shopping today so ill see what boots whether SIDI, setup or whatever suit me better
  13. I wouldn't discount Alpinestars as just a brand name, they make great gear.
    The SMX range is great, I've had the SMX 4 Waterproof boot for 3 years.
    They've been 'road tested' 3 times and they have stood up to the damage.
    I still wear them today. I'd recommend them
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  16. Me and a mate bought boots at the same time we both tried on a pair of Oxtar S, $299, and the Alpine Star Equivilent $299. i bought the Oxtar and my mate bought the Alpine Star, both of us are very happy with our choices.

    My advice - Try on the boots from the main brands (SIDI, Alpinestar, Oxtar-TCX and pick one that feels good on you with the level of protection you want.
  17. I have the puma Desmo's

    (and yes they are the white ones)
    great looking really comfy but they are a bit pricey
  18. I bought a set of Falco boots and love them. They're just a little shorter than the typical race boot, so you can wear them comfortably with a pair of jeans (Draggin for me), and not feel like you're suited up for the track every time, or with leathers tucked into them if you're into track days.

    They waterproof to boot, and look just like any race boot. Cost was around $ 250 I think, and the quality is very good IMO.
  19. I recently got a pair of Sidi Vertigo Corsa's which are awesome. Bit exxy but they are awesome power ranger boots

  20. Exactly. Good quality (partially price dictated) Whats safe, whats comfortable and what fits with your gear on.

    My decisions have come down to, what fits due to large calves, quality and the safety aspect.