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Boots Boots Boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Azamakumar, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. I've been meaning to get proper boots for a while now. Since I started riding 2 years ago, in fact. At the moment my riding footwear ranges from thongs (yeah I said it) to chuck taylors when headed to uni to shift fuel to expensive leather shoes on the way to work. But I want something proper, that won't make me worry about my ankle when I'm punting aroun, that will complete my gear so that I can eventually head down to a track in a few months, and that I can wear with my leathers without looking like a downer (on the way to an ATM in leathers and thongs I got a paraphrased "what is wrong with you" from a cop).

    I don't want something comfortable to walk around in, I have that base covered. I don't want something >$200 unless we're talking about something special. Everyone seems to love the smx4/5s and sidi vertigos but the price is putting me off. The furthest I could look to stretch the budget is about $300, but that would only be for a pair of puma 1000s (eyeing a couple of pairs of v2s going around in my size). Biggest concern is ankle protection - or am asking too much for hte budget?

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  3. Looks like that special is over and I think they were white @$199 AznCruiser.

    Action Motorcycles have Alpinestars GPS-3 Track Racing Leather Boots down from $399 to $199.

    • Ankle support system featuring a nylon structure with high density contoured padding for superior shock absorption and security.
    • Durable Lorica and leather upper with a large instep flex zone for increased comfort.
    • A contoured shin plate and injected PU at the heel and toe areas of the boot.
    • Unique semi-rear zippered closure system features a wide stretch strap and Velcro cover flap for easy and personalized calf adjustment.
    • Interchangeable bi-injected PU toe slider with snap-in attachment for easy replacement.
    • Open cell foam liner.
    • Alpinestars’ exclusive high-performance rubber sole for superior comfort and feel.
    • Reflective inserts for increased visibility.

    The links twistngo posted show the prices for the Berik boots are $20 cheaper at BikeBiz than Action Motorcycles.

    Dang, just noticed that the Berik Balistic jacket is $70 less than I paid at Action Motorcycles 2 months ago!
  4. if you want the best boots within that limit, look overseas.

    myself is currently considering to pick one pair between smx5 (us$220) or tcx x-cube (us$130). the shipping will cost $25 (the lowest i can find).

    dont even bother checking the bikebiz or mcas websites for price comparison, only check whether they have stock or not. if they do, go try the size.

    btw, how good is gps-3 compared to smx5? i saw it in the action the other day, didnt look like same good as smx5, i mean quality wise.
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  6. +1

    I've got exactly the same boots. Comfortable and secure and seems to offer some good protection, not that I ever want to find out just how good though. :D
  7. Oh yeah, update: went to try on probably the only pair of euro 46 1000 v2s in australia only to find out they were sold that morning :(.

    the plot thickens.
  8. Rossi are the way to go. They're water proof and have an air sole - longevity plus.
    They'll set you back about $240 & you can wear them all day!
  9. Have a pair of sidi discoveries I have been wearing for 3 yrs, and are still like new after 40000 klm +, over 4 countries, and daily commuting.
    Very comfortable, can hide under regular trousers in emergency, but steel caps are a giveaway in the office.
    Can also walk in them, which is a huge advantage!

    Bought online for under $300 and with the strong aus dollar, very possible to get them for less now.

    Very waterproof -been in many river crossings as well as 14 hr days in the rain
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  11. Well, I now have a pair of sidi vertigo's. Total price: $0.


    They're a reasonable fit, except I got them off a mate (hence the price) and the heels have moulded to his feet, and they're slightly bigger than mine. Should I go the always wear footy socks route or can you buy the heel inserts/has anyone had any success with generic heel inserts?
  12. Last Thursday, 21st April 2011, I decided that I needed new boots. I demand that they be waterproof. I hear you laugh. After reading various reports on such things, I decided that the BMW range was the go. So off I plod to Morgan and Wacker. I bought a pair of "all rounder" boots at 20% off. (sale price). Very comfortable and nice looking. I rode off on Friday for Easter, hoping for rain but got none. On Tuesday morning upon leaving central NSW to head back to Brisbane, it was pouring down and did so for the entire 500km trip home. The new BMW "Atlantis" gloves---- soaked through. The new Dri Rider 2 piece suit------ soaked to the bone. The new BMW "all rounder" boots, well, I must say---- Dry socks and warm feet. I highly recommend these boots. I am off to Morgan and Wacker today to discuss their gloves however
  13. Damn I thought the title was boobs boobs boobs :p
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  14. Im getting the last laugh :p

    I just came back from Action Parramatta today and scored the last Berik GPX boots for $129, perfect fit as well. I think the price I got was even cheaper than the original sale price.

    Exactly the same colour and style as this. I would have preffered the all black version but meh the Berik seemed to have better protection than the A* which was also on sale for $199.
  15. I like Sidi a lot, the Vertigo is on my want list.