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Boots, bloody boots: finally made a decision

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by OzYoda, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. OK, so its not particularly surprising that I need new boots. The Falco Axis boots have been pretty damm good for 3 years but I decided I would really like some boots with a bit chunkier sole to give better grip on Sydneys crapped up roads. No, I dont Fred Flintstone but I have had several close calls where the boots slipped on the road surface. On the positive side their grip was always good enough to stop what almost seemed inevitable but it would be nice to feel like I have a small safety margin.

    The Falcos also defined the minimum level of safety for me. So, you'd think it'd be easy wouldnt you? So many boots out there and all the stores spread out to billyo so every visit is 30-40mins from each other. We need a Bike-Business Park in Sydney!

    Cross off the race boots .. I do need to walk around a bit in these. That pretty much leaves touring style boots but the majority of manufacturers seem to feel that comfortably protective is an oxymoron. Even the Beemer boots just seemed to be soft leather with little protection .. undoubtedy deserving of their reputation of extreme comfort but didnt seem to offer a lot of protection I'm afraid.

    So, I finally decided to ruddy well bite the bullet. I ended up with the Dainese TRQ Touring boots. Best protection in a comfortable boot I can find. Bought them at Procycles Hornsby where Sonya was very patient with me .. I couldn't ruddy decide whether the slightly small ones would wear in or to go with the slight larger ones that felt comfortable but somewhat too long. Ah, what the heck, went with the larger ones .. my feet will reward me I'm sure and I also like to replace the insoles anyway so its all good! Their soles are not as chunky as I'd like but they do seem stickier than the Falcos so heres hoping.

    They have a .. umm, what they call a "D-Axial ankle anti-twist system". Ankles feel a lot more protected now.

    These are them ..

    They are a littl weird .. the zip is up the back and the heel protection is cutaway to allow for it as you can see here:


    Whatdya think?
  2. ooo i like those...
    how much if you dont mind me asking :D
  3. Bit drab but they look like they'll do the job.
  4. $370 according to MCAS
  5. Yep. Not cheap.
  6. All the better for stamping out fires at Homebush with Chris ;) Congrats on ending your postulation and deciding on the new slippers although they reside on the expensive size of the fence.
  7. Got a pair from the same family, not vented and have a steel scrapper on the toe. Great boots.
  8. Well I did think Sepultura where making boots for some reason, and now I can't get the song out of my head.
  9. They look good Chris. Any advantages over the A* like the SMX5 or the SMXR? Those are at the top of my list at the moment for similar criteria as yours. Now I'll have to consider these, damn you ;)
  10. How you liking them after a few more rides OzYoda?

    I was almost sold on getting some A*s S-MX5 Waterproof boots but now you've caught my eye with these!

    I'm thinking I'll order a pair of these from bimoto.be. I've bought from them before and they're great. They sell these for $257. Beats $370 from MCAS!

    I'm gonna go try em on at MCAS. Hopefully they're comfy for me.