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Boots Advice

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mad Marty, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Hey all,

    Going through the process of getting new gear at the moment and wondering if anyone has had any experiences with the two choices of boots im looking into.

    My riding activities can go from anything form a 20 minute commute up to and including multiple day touring rides.

    The 2 boots I have found the most comfortable so far are with what I see to be their pro's / cons :

    Sidi ST's


    Super comfy, seemed to mold to the shape of my foot well (just walking around the shop)
    Good foot/ ankle roll resistance
    Great support and protection on foot and ankle extending up to shin and calf
    Optional metal sliders (if wanted)

    Limited water resistance - would hold up to showers, don't know about full wet (I'd probably later get other boots for winter)





    These fitted like a glove (for the foot :) )
    Great ankle roll resistance
    Great flexibility throughout
    Fully waterproof (being goretex)
    Good foot / ankle protection
    I think a good all rounder (all season boot?)

    Lack of calf protection
    Size adjustment done via Velcro tabs either side of the zip at rear (limited IMHO)

    I'm replacing my first set of boots which were the earlier TCX competition ones, I tried their new equivalents on... they did not feel right nor offer the same protection as the old series.

    Comments welcome (y)
  2. I've got a pair of the Sidi ST's, they're still holding up after a year of abuse, I've been wearing them just about every day for over a year. Some signs of wear showing but I expect from the amount of use, especially on the back part of the boot where the plastic part has been rubbing up against the leather, but again I walk in them throughout the day.

    They hold up to the rain fairly well in the 15-20 minutes I get caught in here and there, with the sole of the boot finally feeling wet after that short period of time. It usually only takes them overnight to air dry (not using a heater).

    I'm guessing wear will vary (the effectiveness of the vents also) and how much weather will effect them as you're on a cruiser with feet forward, if that is even a factor?

    For comparison I tried on the Sidi B-Twos, Vortice, the Dainese ST TRQ (the ones you linked to), the B-Twos I thought didn't have enough support or bracing, same goes for the Dainese and the Vortice I just didn't like the lacing system. Another thing I also kept in mind is that I had a pair of Rjays and they sagged/crumpled, so wanted the whole boot to be braced to prevent this.

    Hope this helps in some way.
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  3. Didn't @aussieak have the Sidis? Maybe he can comment here, b/c whatever he had, he had issues with. Don't know what model they were tho.
  4. Thanks Greydog .. I think aussieak had / has the Vortice boots... if I remember correctly the issue he had was with the front clasps (which the ST doesn't have) ... this said I would still appreciate his input !

    Thanks Strife for the vote ... I too noticed a distinct lack of support in the Dianese when compared to the ST's, but when it's at a$140 premium in price for the calf protection ? At the end of the day I'd prefer the calf protection as decent boots are what saved my feet from damage in my recent incident....
  5. I thought he had a "wear thru" issue where something was cutting into the leather, but wait and see if he comments.
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  6. I have the Sidi Vortices which are very similar. I've only put about 1,000 kms on them as they aren't my main boots, but I think they're great. Great feel with the controls and seem very protective.

    Make sure you get one size up from what you usually wear as I believe Sidi run small.
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  7. Zero votes for the Goretex Dainese's ? hmmmm..... Looks like even at double the price the SIDI's are the way to go ... I just give up a few meals to buy 'em :p
  8. Ok thanks for the thoughts of those that have given settled on the SIDI ST's very happy with them on the 380 kms so far ....
  9. Sidi Vortice are the way to go,i cant say anything negative about them,fantastic boot.
    The Sidi ST would be equally as good.
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  10. Lovin the ST's ! That is all ... Thread closed