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Boots a tad too big!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jessbolden, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    I am rather new to the motorcycle scene as I just purchased my cbr250r and am learning the tricks of the trade. I was able to snag a once worn pair of Alpinestar smx 5's which are a mere half size, if that, too big. Keen to hear what you guys do in order to tighten them up just that extra bit?

    In my Army boots we have extra soles for our heels, but I'm not entirely sure that would always work best in all situations.

  2. Another pair of socks perhaps?
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  3. Hi Jess, and welcome.
    For the boot issue, I just add an inner sole if there's room.
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  4. I have thought about double socking it, but would like a more permanent solution as the boots are amazing! I'm going to try right now to add the extra insoles from my Army boots and see if they stop the heel gap/slide I'm receiving! Will let you know how that goes.
  5. You can try a few of differing thickness', but make sure the top one is full length so that it will keep all of the others in place.
    I don't mind wearing thicker socks, but too much will create a cushion between your foot and the boot shell, which could compromise their effectiveness.
    For maximum protection your foot needs to wrapped by the boot so that it is held immobile and cannot twist etc.
  6. Chucked in two of my Army Terra inserts and they feel exceptionally better around the top, but I still get a slight slip of the heel, especially when I step or shift... Wondering if there is something I can place behind my heel to eradicate this issue, as it really is just the heel where I'm having issues now.
  7. Slightly loose boots won't bother you much once you get used to it, had the between sizes fun when I bought my last pair.
  8. Get a pair of motocross thick socks. About $20 - $30.
  9. I think that's my next move in conjunction with the insoles that are now in... I will head out tomorrow and see what I can find! Cheers.
  10. holeproof socks. also makes them comfy enough to walk around in.
  11. Welcome,
    Great boots you'll be very happy with them

    I agree inner soles are the go. You don't want to really have to wear a certain pair of socks only it will end up being a pain.

    I think you need to get the thick sports style inner soles that you get from rebel or athletes foot.
    The heel section of them also kicks up a little so should help with that.
    Be careful your not being too critical as its something your focusing on now. You may not even notice the heel lifting up a little after a couple of days.
  12. Have you thought of going to a cobbler or somewhere that does orthopedics, they may have a more permanent fix. Insoles that aren't right and keep moving, or having to find the right sox all th the time can be a pain.
    My boots are a little large in the foot bed as I have fat calves, but I hardly notice it now
  13. Great idea! I was hoping there was someone I could go and show, and further talk through my options and a cobbler is who I'm looking for! Cheers!!!
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